About Oscars Tavern

Welcome to Oscars Tavern, No its not a real Tavern, but a Place where Oscar can shoot the breeze, or vent about things. Just like in a real tavern, or bar.  We welcome your comments,and suggestions. Oscar is “middle aged”, and truly a defective individual.

favorite drinks:


or pretty much anything else…

He enjoys music. Is a writer.   and has a few… Friends he enjoys. 

He loves to listen, so if you have an issue, chime in.

Become aa member of the tavern by being a regular.  You never know WHO will be mentioned or renamed.


3 Responses to “About Oscars Tavern”

  1. Oscar… remember to wear plenty of sunscreen while your parked on the barstool at Lupis in Isla Verde.

  2. Mike M and I want to arrange a happy hour with Oscar and friends at GKG. After work so the possibilities will be endless… let me know

  3. What about Medallas, from what I hear those are your favorite! And lots of them!

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