I’m Boring


How have all of you been?corona

I’ve been pretty busy with a lot of things. No excuses I know I’ve left the bar up to the staff a lot lately.

I’m gonna grab a Corona.  My summer beer.  Someone asked me recently what my favorite beer was and I had to think about it. I’ve been drinking Corona’s with a lime this summer.  Still Smithwicks the rest of the year. Want one?

So I was told recently that I’m boring. This because I don’t like to watch a lot of television, have no interest in anything coming out of Hollywood, and don’t listen to popular radio.

So lying on a chair and vegging in front a TV, isn’t my cup of tea. There is nothing on television I record or “have to be home” to watch.  Oh there’s a couple of shows I enjoy. But I don’t go out of my way for any of them.

Movies coming out of Hollywood are all the same thing repackaged. All are predictable and mind numbing.  I saw “Olympus has Fallen” or something like that this past weekend and it had so many gaps in the story I just got annoyed.

I listen to Satellite radio. Outlaw Radio, Country, and classic Rock.  None of which until only recently is broadcast from New York City.  I enjoy news channels and listen to “The Catholic Guy” on The Catholic channel on Sirius.

Instead, I enjoy exercise. I love walking – do a minimum of a mile a day.  I  am reading 2 books right now. Another “Prey” novel by John Sandford, and “Lift up Your Heart” by Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  I enjoy a couple of online games.  Candy Crush is slowly taking me over. I like Words with Friends.  (someone I just let read this asked if it was for Match .com   )

Anyway – am I boring???

Thanks for stopping by!



~ by Oscar on August 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “I’m Boring”

  1. You are NOT boring! Like you, I don’t keep up with trendy television. I catch different series on Netflix and watch at my own pace. I’d rather read than watch t.v. and I like country music. I LOVE Words with Friends.

    Maybe our style seems boring to others, but I would never tell another that they are boring. Different things are fun to different people. Last weekend I sanded the rust off of an antique water pump that I’ll paint and display in my garden. That will probably sound boring to some, but it was fun for me. To each their own, so don’t let anyone tell you what you are.

  2. Yer definitely not boring! TV is for last resort! Ain’t much a TV fan. Got a few I like but as you say, nothing I have to race home for or record..and the reality shows..don’t even get me started! Kardashians?? Who gives a fuck! Id rather listen to good music that TV. 😉

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