Oscars’ Bayside Grille?

Hey!  Didn’t see ya sitting there.  How are ya?  Place is in a bit of disarray. Every time I say that word I think of the song Glyserine by a band named Bush.   Glys e rine!  Dis ar ray!   Opps!  Sorry, Gotta stop sampling these bottles before quittin’ time.

We’re in planning stages here trying to come up with the best way to re-introduce the ol’ establishment.  Toyed with changing it to Oscars Bayside Tavern.  Being we’re moving the tavern to a warm climate.  There’s already an Oscars’ Tavern in Philadelphia. I get their email!  Maybe you have some ideas.  I’m designing and registering a logo. So Oscars Tavern could become a problem.  We’ll see.  I could do “Taverne”, using olde English type spelling.  Most of our patrons think that “oldey” type stuff is stupid.  Like “Towne Square”. 

We still plan on talking about what’s going on with the folks here, focusing on all the silly stuff in life.  Still Have our crew take turns posting,  bring in some guest posts.   Thinking of weekly posts, rather than daily. We just don’t have a lot of time lately.  So in the meantime…

What can I get you!?

A friend brought me a miniature bottle of this, which he found in the Cayman Islands.  Now I usually Google a brand name, grab an image and paste it here. But there’s no way in hell I’m going to Google “Big Black Di_k” for images. So I apologize for the lousy photography.   And no – I haven’t tried it yet.  It’s vanilla rum. 

But WAIT!  Theres more…..

I’m told they have “Dry Rubs”.  My friend received this email:

Dear #####,

I have good news,  I am now in possesion of BBD Dry Rubs and Hot sauces!

HOT SAUCES  these are all $5.99 USD.
Hottest Caymanero
Garlick Cayenne
Hot Sauce
Hot Wing
Rum Sauce
Mango Sauce

SEASONINGS these are all $6.99 USD.

Sweet Orange Caymanero
Gourmet Steak Spice
Key Lime Jerk
Zesty Mango Zap
Carib Rub
Chargrill Blackening.

I could ship them via Fedex for you but for this I will need your full postal address along with a phone number.  Please let me know if you are still interested!


Helen Chawe
Duty Free Supervisor
Cayman Distributors Ltd/Blackbeard’s Trading Company Ltd
P.O Box 2001
Grand Cayman KY1-1104
Cell: 345 326 4754

I felt the need to validate this. 

Thanks for Stopping By!  See ya next time!



~ by Oscar on May 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Oscars’ Bayside Grille?”

  1. Why is it that so many liquors have naughty names? Not that I’m complaining. It’s just that you don’t see laundry detergents or breakfast cereals with naughty names, do you? What is it about liquor? 😉

  2. Welcome back, why not post a picture of the wine we gave you OF.

  3. Hey, Oscar. Good to “see” you. OK. I Googled BBD and there in the FIRST row of images were two pictures of said product. Of course, I had Safe Search set to moderate. I’ll have a rusty nail, thank you (a waitress at my favorite restaurant told me she hadn’t had one of those ordered in YEARS. I guess it’s an old guys drink. I am and I’ll have one)

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