Dust on the bottle

Hi! How are you? Haven’t seen you here in a while. You look good! Eh, the couple pounds don’t show. Don’t matter here.

Yup, I’ve been here a bit. Hired a few bartenders to cover for me while I was away at the other place. Some of the regulars say the place needs me here so I’m gonna try to tend a bit.

Well I have the kids up from Florida now so it’s busy. The place here is slow, so I can jot a few notes.

The lovely and talented Charlene was down in the Sunshine state with family. She’s back now. We agreed we’re ready to step up once in a while to share some of the Tavern’s goings on.

Miss Killian is a new bartender. She’s a pretty one. We call her Miss Killian, though she was officially engaged this Christmas Eve. In this place you own your monicker forever. Congratulations to our new “Irish Red”.

There are some new regulars, along with some of the old ones. Different times, different place. You’ll catch on quick enough!

This post was done on my iPad. haven’t figured out pasting pictures. Maybe our friend Meleah can help us out.

SO…. Drink of the day is Cherry Vodka and Coke.  Yup.  A special created by Miss Killian.  Hope you like ’em.  Say’s it only takes 3.  LOL

What can I get you?

Hope you all had a great Hannukah and Christmas!  Looking forward to the NEW YEAR!

Snoopy Picture here.


~ by Oscar on December 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dust on the bottle”

  1. Hey! You’re back! I’ve missed this place. Glad to see some activity here again.

  2. Ah – the old tavern! Good to have you back!

  3. Oh, Oscar, don’t tell me you’re on of those iPeople, too! Anyway, I’ll pass on the Cherry Vodka and Coke, no offense to Miss Killian. I’ll just have a Chivas on the rocks.


  4. It’s great to know your back. Don’t you have iced tea? LOL. Just clicking this link made me smile!:-)

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