Enough with the Snow

Welcome my friends!

I’m in Puerto Rico today. It’s nice. 80 degrees sunny.  Thats what I see when I look out the window. One of these days a non business trip is in order.

Well I understand things are well up North at the ol’ Tavern. The Queen of the Tavern, the lovely Charlene is keeping the troops in line up there.  Not sure what the special of the day is, but again it IS tasty Tuesday.

Monday I attended a webcast called Suburban Wow.  It was our friend Weaselmomma and Suburban Scrawl.  I didn’t find out about it until that day.  I was in my office and thought – I could put it on while I work.  So I did.  It was fun. Unfortunately I had people come to my office and had to mute it, so I missed a lot of it. But it was neat!  Thanks Girls!

Charlene said there were a couple rowdy folks in last night.  They must have been drunker than hell!

Gotta run!   Have a great day – and stop the snow!!!  I need to stay through Friday – I don’t want to have to leave early because of snow.

I hate winter.



~ by Oscar on February 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Enough with the Snow”

  1. Sunny and 80 degrees? Is there really a place in this world with such a climate? It doesn’t seem possible. It is always winter here. I think I live in Narnia.

    Is that Mrs. 4444 getting her drink on in that picture? She’s crazy, but fun!

    I’ll put in a call to the Snow Gods and ask them to have mercy and quit dumping the white stuff in your neighborhood.

  2. Sorry Oscar – I’ll tell my rowdy crew to stay out of the bar 🙂

    Enjoy the sun – your coming back to more snow

  3. I hate winter too. It seems to be dragging on this year. Also, I live in Ohio, so what is this “sunny” thing of which you speak?

  4. Im so over winter

  5. Ya gotta watch Mrs 4444. She gets pretty rowdy, and tends to drag everyone with her.

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