Still.. Life

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!


Hey!   How are you?

Welcome to a rare Saturday post from Oscar’s Tavern!

It’s a nice day here in the North East.  The sun is shining.  It’s very bright with all the snow. Put your singlasses on today.  (HA, I wrote sin glasses… Typo, would they be for people who see bad?…doh!)  Keep the sun from your eyes. Not heaththy I tell ya! 

Nobody is here yet.  Charlene was out last night. I was gonna meet up with her to hear a friends band at another local bar.  I got tied up and couldn’t make it. She went.  Not expecting her here early.  LOL Hope she had a good time.

It’s funny how when you are alone in a familiar place, it takes on a different feeling. A Tavern in the day looks a lot different than it does at night. So I’m just sitting here with a cup of coffee looking around.  Leo and Lisa did a great job cleaning up last night. I don’t have to do anything.  I’m guessing we weren’t that busy. 

Ever look at a ray of sun shining in the window and see all the dust particles swirling around in it?  Scary huh?  I feel like if I take a deep breath I’ll make a wollen top coat in my lungs.  

You also notice the sound of your appliances turning on and off. The refrigerator, freezers, air handlers, and clocks.  I have a nice wall clock that chimes on the quarter hour.  We rarely hear it.  This morning its like a brass band.  LOL    Ever notice at night how many pilot lights there are?  Everything today has has a little led light on it now.  LOL 

Did anyone get my Emily Littela joke at Conditionally Satisfactory?  Am I that old, or expect too much?

Ah, my first customer. 

“good morning ma’am, what can I get you”

“a cup of coffee”

“and for the little one?”

“she just ate, thanks”

Well my solitude is nicely broken by my daughter-in-law and  grand-daughter. Two pretty faces.

Lemme go!

Thanks for stopping by!


Today’s post is an experiment.


~ by Oscar on February 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Still.. Life”

  1. It really has been SO nice to see THE SUN again!

  2. You explained that solitary feeling perfectly… I knew exactly what you meant though I couldn’t have put it to words nearly as well.

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