But Um…


 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Hi, How are ya?  Pull up a stool and relax.  Today we have Coors Light Specials and some delicious Beef Barley Soup.   What can I get you??

The soup?  Oh yes, it’s good!  A recipe from Mrs4444‘s.  Charlene and I tried it.

And a Coors light?  Nice…

Life has been busy. 

I have to figure out ways to better do things and manage my time. With Willy gone, I have morethings to attend to. Yes, he’s decided to stay in Florida. We knew it was coming and he deserves it.  Hey so we have another place to hang out now at Willy’s Compound, so it’s been aptly named. Good for him.

Meanwhile its been stressful. Charlene is somewhat preoccupied, Lisa can only do so much as she has to tend to lil Eric. Leo has taken a full time job at a non charitable organization. Vinnie is in and out. Thus my lack of posting. Sorry folks. Even Belinda asked today, Oscar, you don’t post OT anymore?

No we’re here all week, try the veal.

Just very busy. And damn if it isn’t always the same thing. When I’m not writing a post I have a ton of thoughts. When I sit and start this ……>poof<

I have to carry a note pad, or use my fancy a$$ed phone to jog my memory of these ideas.

“Note to self… feed the tuna mayonaise so the tuna salad is already made……”

Ah, enough of me whining….

Well wait.  Now I’m real frustrated.  I was on a new blog the other day lead in from one of my usual visits, clicked on the link from a womans comment and it took me to a post where this woman wrote some fun lines using the theme wine.  I said to myself, Oooh I’ll use this in a post. and right here. see my lead in  whining..

Damn I can’t find it!

Do you know what blog I mean?

Oh I need a drink



~ by Oscar on January 20, 2010.

9 Responses to “But Um…”

  1. I love that quote from a very funny movie, Night Shift. Busy is not the half of it for a lot of us…

  2. “I have to carry a note pad, or use my fancy a$$ed phone to jog my memory of these ideas”

    I am FOREVER writing down my blog post ideas otherwise I WILL forget them!

  3. When you’re sixty-five, you’ll call that a senior moment and laugh about it … a little.

  4. no idea which blog it is…but curious as heck!

  5. Oh I need a drink too! Let’s go get one!

  6. I hear ya. If only we could just blog whenever the spirit moved us. But life gets in the way.

  7. you sure do love snoopy, don’t you?

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