Hi!   Welcome to Oscar’s!   The lad isn’t here today as he’s away again.  Hi it’s Leo here.  I’ve been reading these blogs enough to know how to fill in for the dude.

Charlene isn’t here either so I have no Idea what the food is today, but know the beer today is Heineken.  We even have a representative from Heineken in today to promote the fine brew. She’s a very pretty gal in a tight fitting Heineken….   Body suit?  Whew!    Boy Oscar is missing this!   Lisa is a bit set back.  “Oscar’s not gonna want whores in the bar”.  But hey, when The Girl hosted the lingerie party, Lisa was right up there in the VS “Cheeky” panties.   Yes, I have photos.

Oh, Lisa just muttered that we have Sloppy Joe sandwiches today. Not the Manwich type, the deli style finger sandwiches. She got them from the Deli a few doors down.

It’s not too busy yet, but later on it will get crazy. The Heiney girl (and I DO MEAN Hieney) girl is only here till 8:00pm (that’s EST, dudes).

Oscar will be back  tomorrow.  I asked him yesterday if he felt any of the earthquakes in Haiti. He said himself no, but there were some on the Western side of PR who felt it.  Scary stuff.



~ by Oscar on January 14, 2010.

One Response to “Heineys”

  1. Hey Leo, you forgot to put a joke in your post. Oscar always has a good joke. Well, maybe not always a good one… 🙂

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