Tuesday… After-noon…


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Well Hello there!   Oh!  Don’t sit there, you don’t want to know what happened there last night.  Here….  Put your coat on the rack and sit back…  I should put that on a sign here.   Speaking of racks….

 I was just talking with Twinkle and she said she had this great drink on a cruise. She said it was a Carmen Electra signature drink.  An Apricot Adventure.   Try one!

Today’s special is Homemade Chicken Soup  It’s flown in from the West coast by our friend Heather at OSBP. It looks delicious! Oh yes, it really is flown in. We all chipped in and bought one of them unused retired Concorde’s.  Lil Eric’s got a pilot’s license from a cereal box!  Flies ’em in before he goes to school.  He does I tell ya.  We was gunna git a boat and ship it in but there were problems spilling the meal and the boat. Soupy “Sails”….Ohhhhhh!   I hope Heather can make enough, them Chicken’s may not show up!  They’re too busy crossing the road.   How the hell did I switch to redneck?

We had a new visitor belly up at the Tavern yesterday. Bud. Visit Bud’s Blog!  We’re gonna have a BUD for him!

And I thought this was quite amusing.  From one of our favorites…

Meanwhile across town…   ” I tell ya they’s varmints in there!  Elly-Mae got her critters in the cee-ment pond agin!   Jeeeedddd!!!!!


“Wail mister Douglas, I’m sure you’d like to buy this extension cord for your telyphone.” – ” I won’t thats proposturous!” – ” Oh Oliver, but me one!”


“Now you have to make one decision… Deal.. or no Deal…”


“Well Frank, I think he used up all nine lives…… YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!


” It’s a twister!”                         Hmmm. Ok.

Question for you.  In the Wizard of OZ.  What’s Dorothy’s last name? (no Googling)



~ by Oscar on January 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Tuesday… After-noon…”

  1. LOL!

  2. Without googling… Gale or Gail?? I think

    Yummy chicken soup just what I needed!

    🙂 Have a great week!

  3. Heather at OSBP takes The Best Photos [aside from one of my other friends] and she has some of The Best Recipes! I love that girl!

  4. Mmmm, that’s some good looking chicken soup! And it’s perfect food for the weather we’ve been having lately!

    Dorothy’s last name? Hmmmm… Johnson?

    I have no idea!

  5. Hey O, Happy New Year!:-) I haven’t been on my blog lately but thanks for the visit during the holidays 🙂 I’ve missed you!

  6. Okay, weird! I’m watching American Idol and some girl just sang “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”. All I need now is one of those apricot drinks and things could really get strange.

  7. Really fun post … and thanks for the plug. Bud, by the way, drinks Eye of the Hawk a CA microbrew. Didn’t know Dorothy’s last name and at my age, without Googling, I’m lost.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  8. Missing you! Hope you update soon!

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