Baby it’s cold outside

Welcome my Friends! Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Man it’s cold out!  I think the wind is making it so, but come on in and have a hot toddy on me!

Not that busy this week. Charlene is still out on vacation. Willy is still lovin’ life in Sarasota.  Lisa is here today.  We’re just sitting here yaking about the holidays.  Funny how very diferent each others are, yet in some way the same.  All crazy but good.  The Girl is here again and we are chatting up a storm. She’s a sweetie.  She has a whole bunch o’ plans for the new year. I think we all do. Or try to. Forget resolutions, they are public to break. We decided to make personal decisions about our lives to adhere to.  We will make our best attempts to try and make things better in our lives.  Yeah, it’s not resolutions, just a fresh starting point to take small steps.    I’ll keep you posted how we all make out.

Christmas was good. Quiet but good.  Spent the day with my son and his family,  my youngest, and a few others.  Nice.   Ate and drank a lot.  Well ate a lot. Usual drinking. LOL

I hope yours was.  A lot of my regulars checked in during this time off. Thanks for stopping by.

What you doing for NEW YEARS?

Have a great day and stay warm!



~ by Oscar on December 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Baby it’s cold outside”

  1. The holidays ARE crazy but good. You said it. Expecting anything remotely close to normal is just asking for disappointment.

  2. good gawd, it is windy here too. The roof of our city;s middle school has been ripped off. Scary. And a building down on the marina. Ugh. And, it’s arse cold…..the heat is cranking cranking cranking…My new year’s is me with wine and sushi and something chocolate with my friend down the street who is home with her kids on Thurs. I will likely be in bed before ten. My guy is in the islands this week gigging and home on Fri. I am trying not to be mad at him….a) in a warm place b) in a warm place c) in a warm place d) gone for New Year’s eve.

  3. Mr.4444 and I are past the days of partying on New Year’s Eve, though we’ve had some fun NYE’s with the kids. They’re going to friends’ this year, and he and I plan to have a friend or two over for a nice fire (outside, hopefully) and a little bubbly.

    Glad you had a relaxing holiday with your son’s family. Was Santa good to you?

    P.S. What kind of manufacturing do you do?

  4. I will take you up on that hot toddy offer!

    Wishing You A Safe & Happy New Year!

  5. I think I am just going to STAY HOME and STAY OUT OF TROUBLE this year!

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