The Home Stretch


A lot of us up here got some snow over the weekend. I said to everyone, “what… they say snow and we’ll get like a dusting of sleet”.  Well I guess I put my foot in my mouth this time.  Snow around here in the NorthEast is up to 2 feet in some places.   Hey, usually, I’m right.

Anyway, Lisa and I shoveled the snow Saturday and each bartender took turns shoveling, or sweeping the snow.  I texted Charlene, who will be back tonight, and told her about the snow. I’m sure she’s already shoveled out. She has a lot of friends who will do it for her.  She escaped. 

Threw together a neat little lunch surprise.  Tomato Soup Spaghetti.  A Campbells soup recipe a friend told me about.  Warm soup for the cold, and starches for energy.   I think a lil glass of wine will go with that. 

Got a post card from Willy. He say’s it’s warm there.  Saw Santa in a swimsuit.   maybe he’s been nhitting the Dewars a bit much.  Says hi to all of us.  He saw Charlene while she was there and said they had a nice dinner and cocktails.

Well, let me get back out to shoveling. The trap door to the basement where we have deliveries is still under a foot of snow!

Stay Warm!



~ by Oscar on December 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Home Stretch”

  1. Well, it’s sure to be a white Christmas there, isn’t it? That spaghetti sounds good. A nice hot meal on a cold day. Don’t work too hard shoveling!

  2. I have not seen THIS MUCH snow in the state of New Jersey in YEARS!!!

  3. Open the bar early today Oscar, I already need a drink.

  4. Your trying to stay warm, we’re trying to stay cool. Like a furnace. Love your blog.

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