On the 16th Day of Christmas…

Well hello there!   I’ve been so busy. With Charlene and Willy enjoying the weather in the Sunshine State, I have my hands full!   I’m having food shipped in from OSBP today!   Heather has Cheesy Pepper Chicken for us!   Lets wash that down with Michelob Ultra!

Well a lot of folk are stopping by after shopping. People obviously are spending less this year. Maybe smarter shopping.  I for one am being more practical.  Instead of buying a number of gifts for my staff here, I’m thinking more about the gift.  One nice gift.  Easier and cheaper.  Only problem is what do you buy adults?  I try to stay away from clothes, unless its like a sweater, a novelty tee shirt.. you know.  Maybe just gift checks.  Not personal but effective.

Lisa has been decorating the bar. She’s doing a nice job. We couldn’t find the Mehorah, so I had to run out to get one.  It was set up late. but we have good intentions. The inflatable Santa we had last year leaks, so we replaced it with an animated one that moves a candle back and forth. We replaced the candle with an empty Coors Light bottle. Hey, Santa likes a beer now and then doesn’t he?  🙂  Vinnie’s mom made a tray of italian cookies….  they didn’t last long. I think the pizzeles went in like five minutes.  We shouldn’t have left them on the bar!   (Don’t worry Charlene, I saved you some!) 

What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees?
How can Santa’s sleigh possibly fly through the air?
You would too if you were pulled by flying reindeer!
What would a reindeer do if it lost its tail?
She?d go to a ?re-tail?
shop for a new one!
Why is Prancer always wet?
Because he?s a ?rain?-deer!

Well let me get back to the bar.   Have a great day and for those of you “more North”  stay warm!



~ by Oscar on December 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “On the 16th Day of Christmas…”

  1. Cheesy-Pepper chicken sounds YUMMY! And an Ultra to wash it down. Yum!

    If I were Santa, I’d definitely need a beer, especially during the month of December.

    Gift cards for the employees… they’ll definitely appreciate them. Whatever you do, do NOT buy them memberships in the Jelly-of-the-Month club. They’ll be ticked off!

  2. I can’t believe you made the reference to Santa and beer. My dad worked for the Schmidt’s Brewery his whole life and he used to say “Santa gets sick of milk…..let’s leave him beer and cookies.” So all my life, I was the only kid in the neighborhood to leave Santa a beer 🙂

  3. “Only problem is what do you buy adults? ”

    Im a fan of GIVING an GETTING iTunes gift cards!

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