On The 4th Day of Christmas…..

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today?  It’s me, slacker Oscar.  I have been like Johnny Carson at the tail of his career, not hosting as much. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy as hell between the tavern here and life.  Gets that way doesn’t it sometimes…  I’m sure you can relate. And on top of that I need to “benchmark” a couple times before the holidays. Next week I’m in PR again. Maybe Chicago and Minneapolis before Christmas.

Good thing I have capable hands to leave this fine establishment in.

The lovely and delicious Charlene…(she’s looking at me funny) has California Cheeseburgers on the menu today, with a favorite of hers Jim Beam Red Stag.    We’ll all be fed and a little tipsy.  That stuff packs a punch!

Well it seems the Holiday Season is under way!  Our friend Meleah started it off with THIS.

And Thisnewplace has a cute offering too!

Remember Sally?  She came in last year and worked the holidays with us??  Well she’ll be back. Willy is going to go to Florida for the holidays. He bought a place in Sarasota.  So to fill in for him, Sally will tend. NO – No one can fill Willy’s shoes.  But she will be a big help.  Her and Vinnie have been a couple  almost a year now. Thats nice.

So can you figure this Tiger Woods thing out?  Wow, how about that!!   Willy and I agree that he has to be nuts.  His wife is super-hot.   Whats wrong with this guy!!!??!  Show’s to go ya people get nutty when they have a lot of money!   She has a free drink here anytime, right boys!!! 


We’d just let her have all the drinks she wanted and maybe even demonstrate our grip!   LOL   Show her how even us bogey golfers are good guys.

New Nike “TW” hat……..$25 New Nike Golf Shoes……$125 New Cadillac Escalade….$60,000 New Nike Iron, wrapped around your head by jealous wife?  PRICELESS!!!!

Tiger Woods told his girlfriends today how lucky he was after what happened last friday . ” I’m so glad Elin only bashed my face in with that club  ’cause she was aiming at my balls ! ”  

Hear about the new Movie?    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hydrant!

Oh well, he’ll pull through this ok. He still can golf.   Its sad to see such a role model for some become tarnished. Well maybe its time I worked on my game… hit the links with Willy in Florida…. Hmmmmmm.

There are some of Heathers deviled eggs left in the fridge… I’m grabbin them while Charlene is in the back room.   heh heh heh.

OH…um  Hey honey….”   Let’s have some of them eggs, we’ll split ’em.

“Thats right..”

Have a great day!



~ by Oscar on December 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “On The 4th Day of Christmas…..”

  1. lol poor tiger! 😛

  2. Enjoy your time in PR. Thanks for stopping by today and it’s nice to see you back behind the bar.

  3. I agree as well, he is totally nuts. Money, beautiful wife, successful career. Yeah, poor guy….

  4. “I’ve been busy as hell between the tavern here and life. Gets that way doesn’t it sometimes… “‘

    Yes, I CAN relate! very.much.so.

    Nice to have you back in action

  5. I almost feel kind of sorry for the guy. His whole life is snowballing on him. So this is what America wants to talk about? Tiger Woods’ love life? Yeah, he’s stupid and made a big mistake (or a few of them, I guess.) But doesn’t the world have bigger problems to worry about?

    Enjoy PR. It’s COLD and snowy here. I’d love to have some of the warmth you’ll enjoy!

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