Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern.

Oscar is out today. Said he wasn’t coming in today.  Something was bugging him he said.  Oh well.. He said he’d be in tomorrow.

Eric here.  Mr. Oscar said I can write the post today.  Everybody is sick of Turkey so I asked Charlene what was on the menu and she said “Stuffed Cabbage”.  I said >ew<.  She said it was one of Oscar’s favorite dishes and he’s not here.  Todays drink is Captain and Coke in honor of Itsjustme.

Well we had a nice Turkey Day at my house. My mom made a nice turkey and we had some people over. Mr. Oscar came by for a few minutes, had a drink and left.  Mom said he was busy.  He brought wine and drink stuff.  Like a Santa Clause for Thanksgiving.  Ho ho ho merry drunk-mas. My aunt said we already had enough stuff to drink and didn’t need his booze.  She says everyone is a frikkin alcoholic.  I can’t drink because I’m not old enough.  And who wants to drink a Bloody Mary, >ew<  or a screwdriver….>ew<   My older sister likes fuzzy navels…  I don’t think there’s much room in those things to drink much from. >ew< and hair…

My aunt says my moms stuffing tastes like Stove Top.  I know she made it from scratch because I helped her put it in the pan.  We put plastic wrap on the baking tray and someone covered it with foil and cooked it.  So when we took it out the top was all yucky.  Some people scraped it off and at it. Uncle Willy said whoever ate it will have poop with no smell ’cause its wrapped.  >ew<

My mom asked me to say grace.  I asked, what about her..what happened?

 Everybody enjoyed the dinner even our dog.  He was licking the Jello mold before mom put it on the table.  it was green.  >ew<

My cousin farted at the table.  My aunt got all mad and stuff.  Uncle Willy said it was the turkey.   >ew<

Aunt Judy fell asleep on the couch during the football game.  We put a santa hat on her and a turkey bone in her hand and took a picture. Uncle Willy said she looked beautiful as ever…

My cousin from Florida called and was in North Carolina.  They said it was too cold. 

If you bowl on Thanksgiving, and you miss, is it  butter-ball?  ha ha  That was Mr. Oscar’s joke.

The Tavern was closed on Thanksgiving.  Nobody wanted to work the day after.  I went in with my mom and worked with Mr. Oscar. It wasn’t busy till the afternoon.  A lot of crazy shoppers stopped by on thier way home.  I asked a woman what she bought and she said “Wii”.   I said are you French?

My bus is coming soon. Mom is calling … Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and thanked everyone who thanked you.  I’m thankful Christmas is coming and my mom gets to work extra hours because Mr. Oscar said some people are leaving the Tavern.

I think I like Charlenes neice… she kissed me behind the bar on Friday.   >ew<

Chicken CIAO Mein!

Here’s a Snoopy

>ew<  did you see the big boobies on the lady under here?  >ew<  Someone said thats one of Oscars old girlfriends.  Uncle Willy says “need a lot o’ gravy for that meat”.


~ by Oscar on November 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Ew”

  1. he plays hookie a lot

  2. Hey Eric, my favorite little man is back ! He’s gonna be a great bartender some day

  3. LOL!!!!!!!

  4. Every time I come here I feel like Oscar is away!

  5. I totally missed the drink of the day!!!!!! Thank you! (Even if it’s a little late!!!!! lol)

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