Where’s Willy?

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

We can’t find Willy.   Charlene checked his house.  No sign of him or the Missus.  We’re getting upset.  Have any of you out seen or heard from him?  If you do, let us know. It’s not the same around here….

Hoo boy we’re all bummed out. I haven’t seen him since October 28th! Charlene and Leo said he was last here when the girls took over the Tavern….Hmmm.

Well Charlene and I aren’t in the mood for food today. So stop over at Sally’s cafe down the block before you come by.  All draft beers are a buck fifty today. So come on down and knock a couple down with Charlene and me.shotcard (2)

My birthday was on Halloween. (yeah go ahead)  Charlene got me this card that shows a shot of booze on the cover. You open it and it says,” Cake is for Wussies”.    Gotta love her.

A guy walks into a bar with a dog. He claims the dog can talk. “Give me a beer and I’ll show you.” The bartender slides a beer to him and the man asks the dog, “Fido, what is that above our heads?” The dog says, “Roof!” The irritated bartender says, “That’s not talking, he sounds like any other dog.” The man says, “OK, how about this – Fido, who was the best baseball player of all time?” The dog says, “Ruth!” The bartender throws the man and the dog out of the bar. Fido says to the man, “Ya think I shouldda said DiMaggio?”

A guy walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Do you want to play a game? See those two rib-eyes nailed to the ceiling? You get to throw one dart. If you hit one, you get to take them home and I’ll give you a free drink.” The man says, “No thanks, the steaks are too high.”

Hey its one of our favorite part time bartenders birthday today. Go wish her Happy Birthday!



~ by Oscar on November 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Where’s Willy?”

  1. Poor Willy… I think we scared him away. If he comes back, tell him we promise to behave ourselves from now on…

    And thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes!

  2. Good heavens, you don’t think we scared Willy away permanently? I mean it was just a little female fun . . . I notice he didn’t run away after the lingerie show! And unlike Terri, I’m not promising to behave. I have too much fun at Oscar’s Tavern. And you’re having no food solves my dilemma. Just keep serving me Miller Lites until I tell you to stop, or fall off the bar stool. Whichever comes first. Glad you’re back at the tavern. Tell Charlene I said hi!

  3. If the Missus is missing too, I’m not worried. We probably made him really horney and he’s off somewhere with the little lady.

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