Virtually Vacationing

Hey everybody! It’s me – Terri. Since Oscar is on vacation in Florida (again!) he left me in charge of the bar today! 😀

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was getting kind of tired of looking at that little bimbo in the martini glass at the top of most of Oscar’s posts. I thought I’d bring in a little change of decor for the day. What do you think? This guy’s pretty cute, and he just so happens to drink one of my favorite beers.

I’m feeling a little chilly today, so I thought I’d put something on the menu that puts everyone in a vacation frame of mind. Oscar may be on a real beach vacation, but we can all go on a virtual vacation. We’re having Mexican today! Take your pick. There are burritos, chimichangas, tacos and plenty of tortilla chips with salsa and my special home-made guacamole.

Surprised Mom is mixing up margaritas and serving Coronas. Or if you prefer, The Girl and her friend (that’s him over there, to the right) will fix you up with a shot. They’ve got Naked Navels (Absolut and peach schnapps), G-Bombs (Absolut and Goldschlager) and something called (giggle) a Cum Scorcher… made with Absolut, butterscotch schnapps, Kahlua and Irish cream. Oscar said The Girl was a lot of fun. Now I know why! Hey, Girl! Have your friend pass me a Naked Navel, will ya?

Oh, yeah. Clearly, things are going to get a little rowdy in here tonight. Meleah‘s going to run the karaoke machine tonight. She’ll do a great job of keeping the place lively. If I have enough shots, I’ll get her to sing Jose Cuervo with me! (Get your ear plugs out!)

And as much fun as it will be with me in charge, it’s just not the same around here without ya, Oscar! In your honor, I’m offering one more drink special, straight from my own hometown.

A Texan, A New Yorker and  New Jersey resident were drinking their favorite beverages in a bar.

The Texan drained his glass of tequila, threw the half-full bottle up in the air, drew and fired his pistol, shattering the bottle. The other two were shocked at his ruining perfectly good tequila.

The Texan, however, simply drew himself up and announced, “Where I come from, we have plenty of tequila.”

The New Yorker, not to be outdone, drained his glass of wine, threw the half-full wine bottle in the air, drew and fired his pistol, also shattering his bottle.

Looking over at the other two with an air of superiority characteristic of New Yorkers, he announced, “Where I come from, we have plenty of fine wine and the best of everything.”

The New Jersey resident drained his bottle of Yuengling Lager, threw it up in the air, drew his pistol, and shot the New Yorker dead. He then caught the bottle on the way down and showed it to the Texan. “Where I come from,” he said slowly, “we recycle bottles AND we have too many f*cking New Yorkers.”

Hurry back, Oscar! We miss ya!


~ by Oscar on November 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Virtually Vacationing”

  1. I think Terri should MAN the bar more often. My date was so foo-foo hot !!!!!!!!!! I was drinking those navel drinks right from his navel !!! Yummy………Thanks Terri – what a great time !

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post! Your graphics are the best! Boy oh boy oh boy . . . The joke at the end, I’m sure New Jersities will laugh loudly! Thanks for letting me behind the bar. I promise I won’t drink (too many) Coronas or Margaritas. Give me enough, though, and I’ll sing right along with you! Good food, too!

    Hey Oscar! How’s your tan coming?

  3. Go Terri…you should guest write more often!

  4. Ok, I’m outa here…. WIlly

  5. Very nice um blog! LOL!!!!!! I agree! Terri should guest write more often….esp. if she’s got more pics like those!!!!!!!

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