Underlying idea

Sorry all you sports fans at Oscar’s Tavern, but SurprisedMom is not into sports at all, and especially not East Coast sports teams. When I follow baseball, which is rarely, my heart belongs to a team that begins with a C and has four letters. That’s only because that’s the team that Grandpa followed. Otherwise, it’s just male adults running around a field in pajamas.

Today at Oscar’s Tavern I hope we have plenty of Miller Lite on tap, just because it’s my favorite.  We also need something warm to ward off the damp weather. How about chili? Maybe chili cheese dogs with cottage fries? It’s a filling meal.

As I sit behind the bar, I’m also trying to think of new fundraising ideas for the grade school my daughters attended. They are always looking for new and improved ideas to raise funds to keep the school open. I think I have it. Ladies Night Out with a twist.

You’ve heard of lingerie shows, even ones with the female models on the runway showing off the latest and sexiest fashions. Well . . .  how about MALE models debuting the latest and sexiest in men’s under fashions? Don’t you think women would come out and pay, maybe even big bucks, to see this? They can even feel good about themselves because all the money would go to a charity.

I would have it at Oscar’s Tavern of course. There would be gorgeous men, shimmering lights, soul grabbing music, screaming women, delicious food, exotic drinks and a heck of a good time for every woman who entered the door.

The beautiful men would be wearing what they wear next to their skin. I wonder if one would be up to wearing “Barely There.” Now that would be worth the ticket alone.

The decor would be glittery as well, in blue and white. Women could win prizes, with the top prize being a date with the model of her choice. The raffle tickets would be expensive and again the women could feel good about themselves because it’s all going to charity.

Women often look for a way to vent their outrageous side, especially women who might have tamed down with motherhood and age. I think this would be a great way to have a fantastically fun night out without feeling bad in the morning . . . unless they over indulged.

Of course, a bus would be rented to drive all the intoxicated guests home. The designated driver would be provided.

So, the challenge would be to transform Oscar’s Tavern into a large boudoir for the evening and show everyone a good time.

I think this would make a great FUN-raiser and I believe it could make a pretty buck as well.

One challenge would be coming up with a name. I mean you couldn’t call it a lingerie show. Men don’t wear lingerie, well some do, but that’s not the point.

Well, back to the present and serving Oscar’s customers. I can’t sit here daydreaming about gorgeous men in underwear all day.

Anyone want a Miller Lite?

(Sorry about the lack of graphics, but SMom couldn’t figure out how to add them. Yeah, sometimes my computer illiteracy shines through.)


~ by Oscar on October 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Underlying idea”

  1. As soon as you get this thing all put together, let me know. I’ll be the first in line to buy my ticket! 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks! Now if I can only convince the school this would be a terrific idea. SMom

  3. Count me in!!

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