The Phillies Phans Have Invaded Oscars

howardHey all you loyal Patrons of Oscar’s – most of you Yankee fans.  I’m a little late this morning because I had to go to Modell’s to get all the Phillies decorations for the bar today.   See Oscar is now shaking his head, probably muttering to himself “What was I thinking asking the Girl to watch the bar after the Phillies spanked us hard on a 6 to 1 win.   Can you say unbeLEEvable !!!!!!!!

Ummm, yes folks the Phillies – ya know us, the New York Post called us The Frillies !   We came in your town and bent you over and stuck it right up your blue asses !!!

PhillyCheesesteakIn celebration we are having traditional Philly Cheesesteaks for Lunch and have what ever brew you want because it’s CELEBRATION TIME, THE PHILLIES TOOK GAME 1 – ha, in your face Yankee fans – and yes Oscar you will be treating me to Ruth Chris !  Ya know I have very expensive taste when it comes to my meals.  I’m thinking some surf and turf with Champagne to celebrate !

phillie-phanatic1Today at the Tavern anyone wearing Phillies gear will be given half off their drinks until first pitch tonight.  Anyone found wearing a Yankee hat, shirt, or underware will be promptly yanked out the door.   We  have taken over the Tavern in Red Style.  The Phanatic will be stopping by later.  He’s a personal friend of mine. We are going to be burning Oscar’s hat that I stole from his closet last night.  He forgot it when he went to Florida – Ha ! Ha !

Adios Spankee Fans – Here’s to the Ass Kicking you took last night.

ThirstyThursdayYou all have an excellent Thirsty Thursday at the Tavern.

Forever My Love to Oscar :


~ by Oscar on October 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Phillies Phans Have Invaded Oscars”

  1. Ouch…That was harsh.

  2. Oooooh, Girl…. It’s gonna be a long while before Oscar forgives you for this one! 🙂

  3. Girl…. Honey you’re lucky O hasn’t seen this…


  4. YIKES ! Shoot – bad things are coming ladies.

  5. […] We go back to NY, game 7, and yes my friends, there will be a game 7, and it will be the same night my niece gets inducted into National Honor Society – UGH !!!!   So anyhow – Efen, I think your lady stopped humming and S. – ummmmm, suck it – the Phillies are coming to your town (kisses – honey)!    And I notice Oscar is awfully quiet out there in Florida – I know he wouldn’t miss the series, makes me wonder…. Maybe he’s mad that the Phillies invaded his tavern. […]

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