Another Momo Friday, and Ba$eball.


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

It’s just another Momo Friday.  I like that, it works.   I’ll have to reach out to Momo Fali and ask what her favorite drink is and make that a special.

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Meanwhile, I’m back from Puerto Rico.  On my flight out I could see the fire that occurred last night.  We looked out of the plane window and could see the huge blaze that was unfolding.  It was kinda creepy.  They say that no one was seriously injured.

Well today’s special is ballpark style hotdogs and Budweiser!  In celebration of the MLB Playoffs!  We here at the Tavern are Yankee fans.  We’re sure we’ll beat the Angels and meet up with the Phillies.   The Angels definately a tougher team than the Dodgers. We wanted to see us vs. the Dodgers. A meeting between the present and past managers.  We still Love Joe Torre.

But, we’ll entertain Philly.  Let them have thier fun. And I don’t want to hear any of this “Buying a ball team”, or “Buying a game”.  We couldn’t “buy” a series last year could we?  We have a huge fan base.  We out sell every venue for baseball, our seats are more than 80% full EVERY GAME.  So money must come from somewhere… Oh and we have fans all over the world.  THEY buy caps, jackets, trinkets, etc.  So if we have money, it’s because we have a lot of fans.  So if we CAN buy a good pitcher, why not?   And tell your player we lure to stay? .  Get your fans to fill the park even when they’re on a losing streak.  We’re full time fans. Not “Fair weather fans”.

And we don’t burn Philly caps in the street….LOL   (ok, “The Girl” and I have a wager)… or Angel caps to that matter. We just win. 

       GO YANKEES!

Well if you’re a Phillies, or Angels fan, or any other team, we’ll still have you in the Tavern.  After all , its ” just a game”

We’ll talk football soon.

Well have a great weekend!    Thanks for stopping by!



~ by Oscar on October 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Another Momo Friday, and Ba$eball.”

  1. I’ll take the special, even the Budweiser. A girl’s gotta taste what’s out there.
    Isn’t it getting a little cold to still be playing baseball?
    The fire looks horrific. I’m glad no one was hurt.

  2. Ouch – I’m thinking I struck a nerve on yesterday and todays posts ! GO PHILLIES – Ummmmm, yup we won – we are going to the series…I don’t believe the fat lady has sung for the Yanks yet. I’m beginning to think expensive for my victory winnings 🙂

  3. Geeze, Oscar. You sound a little defensive today! 🙂 Someone been bugging you about your beloved Yankees? 😉

  4. Yeah…you tell ’em Oscar…Go YANKEES!!!!

  5. Yummy hot dogs and beer…
    Sorry I woke up hungry!
    GO BRAVES!!!
    Oh wait they sucked this year…ummmmmm who cares! ha-ha

    Have a great week!

  6. Thank you for allowing this Angel fan to enter your establishment. The way my team played I might burn one of their caps myself…

  7. Glad to see you’ll let this Reds fan hang out.

    My favorite drink? You name it. I like beer. A lot. Usually a Blue Moon or Corona. I also like wine, which my husband is making in our basement right now, and I’m also a fan of vodka and anything or a nice, cold margarita on the rocks (no salt)!

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