Look Who the Cat Dragged in….


Welcome To Oscar’s Tavern!

Hi!   It’s me!  Oscar!  Remember?  The folically challenged owner of this fine establishment!  Whew! It’s good to be home for a bit. Travel has been relentless!  I was supposed to be in Puerto Rico this week, but that got cancelled.  Maybe next week.  Either there or Kentucky.  We’ll know by tomorrow.

Well my dear friend who I’ve missed. The Lovely Charlene tells me we’re having Philly Cheese Steaks today!  Is this in honor of the Phillies? Hmmm, perhaps The Girl had some influence here…  Well to wash that down we have Michelob Ultra’s and Miler Lite for our drinks of the day!


Wow, these past two weeks have flown by!   Traveling here and there.  Had a great time in Chicago and Minneapolis.  Lots of business! 

I’ve kinda neglected the Tavern lately and want to apologize to Charlene, Willy and the crew.  But all of this will benefit us in the long run.  These “benchmarking Tavern Tours” are really business meetings.  I’ll try to put more focus on the ol’ Place.

Lisa is here today. She’s talking to a new regular, Grace.  Grace loves Miller Lite.  She’ll be happy today.  Kim was here earlier, looking as adorable as ever.  Little Eric was happy to see me come back. He did one hell of a job filling in. LOL   A lot of people are asking what is the relationship with Eric….   Hmmm.

I squeezed in a trip to Washington DC.  Actually Alexandria, Va.  My nephew’s baby was being Christened.  It was nice.  Did some sight seeing on Saturday.  In all of the years I’ve lived less than 4 hours from DC, I’ve never visited it.  Thats’ awful!!   Well I got to this time. Its very nice.  I went to Arlington Cemetary.  I witnessed the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  Very Impressive and touching. You should see for yourself! I saw the Lincoln memorial, the Washington Monument… it was all fun.

Well, I have to get some bills paid and some beer ordered!   Thanks for stopping by!

What will you have?



~ by Oscar on October 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Look Who the Cat Dragged in….”

  1. See now this is why I love Charlene !!!! She rocks the house honoring the Philly boys – in a Yankee’s establishment at that. She has my neverending admiration. I have my cheese steak whiz/without – and an ice cold Ultra – hold the glass.

    Welcome back Oscar XXOO

  2. Too much travel you’re saying?! WOW…that’s a 1st!

  3. Sounds like your life has been busy, but very good.

  4. Welcome back! Cheesesteaks and Ultras. The perfect meal!

    Your site-seeing sounds great. I need to do some traveling.

  5. I’m a little late reading this post. “A day late and a dollar short” as my Mom is fond of saying. Love the meal, which I’m sorry I missed, and of course, serve fme up a Miller Lite . . . anytime! Your trip to DC sounds nice. I raced through there once when I took a train trip from Chicago to Raleigh NC. No sightseeing. I have to get back. I know you’re back traveling now, so stay safe. Can’t wait to see you back at the tavern. When does the whirlwind travel stop?

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