Erik’s Tavern

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Mr. Oscar is so busy lately that he asked me again to write something.  But not to say anything about what him and Miss Kim do in his office.

Well today is Thursday and I have school.  I’m doing this here while I wait for my mom. She had to talk to Willy about something.

I asked Miss Charlene what she will cook today. She said Fried Chicken with mashed potatos and gravy!  I like that!     Mr. Oscar said we have to have Coors Light for some weasel lady or something like that.   I think he’s nuts   Miss Charlene is tired today. She went to the baseball game last night.

Willy said after school when I come by, he will make me a virgin pina colada.  Why is it Virgin when its made here? Folks in Virginia don’t make Jersey Pina Coladas.   I think he’s nuts too. 

Mr. Oscar said Belinda and Kim kept him up last night.  They must have been talking too loud or something.   He has to travel again.  He says he’s going to the Mid-West cities.  The windy and the twins.  Willy says that sounds like his old girlfirends. (he said put a drum roll here).   He reads what I write.

Well my mom is calling me.  I gotta go.  Mr Oscar says he apologizes that he hasn’t written much.  He says he haas no time lately.  Maybe if he stayed home once in a while he would.

Have a nice weekend!


Snoopy picture


~ by Oscar on October 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Erik’s Tavern”

  1. Oscar’s traveling AGAIN? Now there’s a surprise!

  2. Erik, I like your sense of humor. I think I’ll have a Coors Light, and no, I’m not that weasel lady. Oh, what the heck, I’ll have the chicken dinner, too. Thanks.

  3. fried chicken and coors light will hit the spot.

  4. Oscar,I think you are the one that wanted to stay up last night!

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