Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Hi Everyone!  I’m sorry we havn’t been very hospitable. We’re all just worn out  and busy as hell.

Charlene agreed that we are letting Heather provide lunch today.  She’s got RED CHILI STEW.  We’re figurin’ you’d need something cold with that so draft specials today. $1.50.

What is Tme?   It means TIme.  I have none so there’s no i.  LOL  I feel like I’m not paying attention to my customers.  This month is going to be real busy for me. 

We here at the Tavern will try our best to visit your establishments as much as we can.  Meanwhile…


The church wanted to help their congregation cope better with the stresses of modern life, and decided to offer a course in Time Management.

Soon after the course was announced, a member telephoned the Pastor.

“What time does the course start, Pastor?”

The Pastor replied, “Oh… six-ish, seven-ish….”


Even though he could not tell time, my three-year-old grandson was wearing a watch when I visited. Later, when I was putting on my coat to leave, I asked him what time it was. He looked at his watch blankly, then brightened. “It’s time for you to go,” he answered triumphantly.

Sorry for the lame Post.  next time

My best to all of you !

Thanks for stopping by!



~ by Oscar on September 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Tme”

  1. I think all of us are having the “time” issue lately!

  2. I think we are all feeling the time crunch. Your grandson sounds adorable and damnit, I missed the coors special.

  3. I understand Tme perfectly. Working six days a week leaves little Tme for anything else. Why does fall mean losing tme? I just don’t know. I feel like I’m going a hundred miles an hour – in the opposite dirction of where I really want to go. It’s only going to get worse as the holidays approach. There’s so much to do and so little tme.

  4. I’m having time issues too. There’s never enough, and what there is passes too quickly.

  5. Time – what’s time ?

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