Heather’s Minestrone Soup


Welcome to Mr. Oscar’s Tavern

Hi My name is Eric.   Mr. Oscar asked me to fill in today.  Let me start.

Um, Charlene (she’s real pretty, Leo says she has a nice butt!  LOL )  has very tasty lunch for you today. It is Philadelf, um..Philadelph.. um Philly Cheesesteaks!  She say they are Phat!   Oh, fat.

and the drink of the day is Budweiser.   It is yummy they say. I’m too young to drink.

Willy says I am green.  Does that mean I’m energy efficient?  Wendy would like me then.

Oh – here are the pictures of lunch. 

Oscar called today and he said he wished he had some of Heather’s minestrone.  He’s not happy where he is in California. He complained about all the resturants being “chains”.  I imagine that must be hard to bite. LOL

Heather’s Minestrone Soup.

A lot of things happen here.  Willy and Charlene kinda run the place.   Vinnie and Lisa are bartending. He’s complaining about Lisa.  He says she takes too long to make drinks.  I think she does fine.  She’s a nice woman. She talks to me a lot.  I like that.  I wonder if she likes younger guys….   she makes an awesome Shirly temple!  She shakes her butt a lot when the juke box is playing.  Some of the guys at the bar today said its like watching Tennis, except nobody complains.

Willy was talking to a guy from another bar.  Say’s its a strip joint.  My mom says stay away from drugs.

My mom says she doesn’t like me hanging around Oscars tavern.  “Seedy characters in there!”   I don’t know, everyone here seems to be real nice. 

Don’t say anything but Leo broke something in the tap thing. They’re trying to glue it before Mr. Oscar gets back.  I think its his Smithwicks Ale tap handle he got from Ireland. Leo said the poop will hit the fan if he see’s it like that.  Ew, thats gross!

Willy said Leo was farting around with it.  Funny I didn’t smell anything.

I like my new teacher at school. She is nice.  The kids said they heard her fart last year.  She comes here sometimes Charlene said.

Did you know that Charlene drives an F250 truck?   That’s awesome!

I’m beginning to wonder about Mr. Oscar. I found girly panties in his desk drawer.  Why would he wear Victoria’s secret?   And what IS the secret anyway?

he has about 50 Hot wheel cars in his office. they are all Mustangs.  maybe thats what him and Miss Kim do when they go in there. Play with the cars…  I hear them sometimes…..”Ummmmmm, ummmmmmm!” 

Willy says this is enough.


( I can’t decide which snoopy picture to put here, i liked them all, so pretend there’s one here. Its a thing for ###.  Sshhhh!)


~ by Oscar on September 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Heather’s Minestrone Soup”

  1. Oscar’s must be a family place if there are kids hangin’ around there now! I’m not sure Willy is such a good influence. I hope he’s watching his mouth around the little guy!

  2. LOL… thanks for the mention!

  3. hmmmmmm soup…. oh sorry now I have munchies after this beer binge…

    Pretending snoopy is typing on the top of his dog house and woodstock is watching… I love that dog!

  4. Oscar’s is reminding me of an Irish pub today with kids being welcomed along with adults. The menu sounds fantastic, serve it all up, except make mine a Miller Lite. Have a great day!

  5. aww…I think Oscar should have asked Heather for some restaurant referrals for wherever he is in Cali!

  6. I would love to know what Mr. Oscar’s secret is ? I love Eric. Oscar you must have him back often !! But ummmm, watch it with the Philadelphia being dirty comments. You just scared of bums, it’s ok babe 🙂

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