No Rest for The Weary


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today?  This is Willy.   Oscar had to fly away AGAIN.  Business emergency I’m told.  He was told Friday so off to San Francisco he was yesterday.  We’re holding the fort for him as usual.  Charlene is here with us.

 Charlene says todays special is a Fried Fish sandwich with cole slaw and fried chips.   We’ll have to put one in a FedEx box and send it to Oscar, he loves this.  She also recommends todays drink, Captain and coke. “In a pint glass” she says.

Thaaats right!


You Know You’re In California When…  

The fastest part of your commute is down your driveway.    You were born somewhere else.    You know how to eat an artichoke.    The primary bugs that you worry about are electronic.    Your car has bulletproof windows.    Your monthly house payments exceed your annual income.    You dive under a desk whenever a large truck goes by.    You can’t find your other earring because your son is wearing it.    You drive to your neighborhood block party.    Your family tree contains ‘significant others’.    Your cat has it’s own psychiatrist.    You don’t exterminate your roaches, you smoke them.    You see 25 lawyers chasing an ambulance.    You go to a tanning salon before going to the beach.    Your blind date turns out to be your ex-spouse.    More money is spent on facelifts than on diapers.    When you can’t schedule a meeting because you must ‘do lunch’.    Your children learn to walk in Birkenstocks.    Rainstorms or thunder are the lead story for the local news.    You’ll reluctantly miss yoga class to wait for the hot tub repairman.    You consult your horoscope before planning your day.    A glass has been reserved for you at your favorite winery.    All highways out of the state say: ‘Go back’.    You pack shorts and a T-shirt for skiing in the snow, and a sweater and a wetsuit for the beach.




Oh, Mrs. 4444 was here during the weekend. She’s a sweet gal.  She DID drink a little too much so we licensed the same girl who drew her portrait she posted to provide her rendering for us!

Have a great day!



~ by Oscar on September 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “No Rest for The Weary”

  1. some of those cali jokes are very true! Like the one about morning commutes!

  2. I’ve never seen Mrs. 4444 in such bad shape! I hope she’s not hung over today!

  3. Oscar is quite the artist, huh?! Loved those California tidbits-very funny.

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