Parade of Babes

Hey All You Loyal Patrons of Oscars,

I can’t believe Oscar keeps asking me to come back. I’m flattered and excited to be watching the bar again. When Oscar asked me to bartend, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to top Texas Hold Em Night? So I went to the girls……..we put out heads together……..and decided in this horrible recession we need to give our hard working guys something to look forward to….something a little special……and since we like to spice it up a little over here…..we came up with


I’ve moved all the tables and chairs. We pushed over the pool table and turned it into a judge’s table. The guys from the Home Deport Lumbar Department have volunteered to come over and build me a makeshift runway complete with track lights !!!! All I had to do was offer them free admission and front row seats 🙂 Along with Hooting Rights !

The rules of the evening will go something like this:

1. You may not touch our contestants (we’ll unless you have permission);

2. You may only vote for your favorite – no voting for more than one babe please;

3. There will be a three (3) drink minimum – if your going to enjoy the show, you must contribute to Oscar’s cash register;

4. No swearing or booing (you all know Oscar hates the foo-foo word)

5. And last but not least – I expect all my girls to drink for free for participating for your viewing pleasure – so buy our ladies some drinks, and for Christ’s sake – tip your waiters and waitresses.

Now since the Deliah Girls were busy tonight – I got my Hooter Babes to close shop and come help out. And since I am the ring leader of this circus – I will be wearing my very best.

ling 1ling 2ling 4

Oh I guess I should put out food and pick a drink special…….

sufSo tonight our drink special will be the tasty “Sex on the Beach” – along with Surf and Turf . The chef over at my favorite Seafood restaurant is such a fan of Lingerie Night – he’s volunteered to help the kitchen with some delicious Surf and Turf …..oh and for your exotic pleasure for dessert we are offering chocolate covered strawberries, oysters, and death by chocolate cake.

Just a little preview of what you can expect at the Tavern tonight ! I sure hope you can come on over. Oh and girls, let’s take it easy on the stripper sparkles – it sure does drive Oscar crazy to find his bar full of girly sparkles when he leaves me charge. And last time we all got together, I found someone’s thong in his office. Sheesh – girls…remember your panties when you leave.



~ by Oscar on September 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Parade of Babes”

  1. Well, looks like you are gonna fill the place again! LOL Oscar will like the take in. Best make sure there’s no sparkles! LOL

  2. Next time you bartend, how about a night for the girls. I might be married, but I enjoy looking at a great looking guy just like the next girl. I’m not talking about a male strip show, but how about a male version of a lingerie show. I work in retail, a lot in the men’s department, and I know men have a quite a variety of under “things” to chose from. Now that would be an interesting show!
    The surf and turf looks fantastic!
    Good luck to all of you tonight at Oscar’s Tavern! I know it will be a huge success!

  3. Oh Charlene, I tried to clean them up as best I could but they stick to EVERYTHING !!!!!! It’s gonna be glittery in the Tavern for quite sometime.

  4. Surprised Mom: Oh I would love to host a Ladies Night with the Hotties. I can think of some great looking Smoke Eaters that would volunteer !!! You bet’cha – as soon as Oscar asks – I’ll do the post just for you !

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