No Texting During Lunch!



 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you on this warm Friday?  I have been so busy this morning.

 Todays lunch special is brought to you by our dear friend Twinkle!  She has Turkey Burgers for us!  Boy are they tasty!  She’s cooking them up right now!  I wonder if she has a secret ingredient?  She keeps asking for Vodka…  She also has vegetable soup too!  Nice combo Twink! 

So we’ll have Vodka specials today!  Any drink made with Vodka!   A Bloody Mary?  A screwdriver?  Lemonade and Vodka?  Gimlet?  What’ll ya have?

The other day her and I went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s.  We were teasing Jack (Mr. Twinkle) about how we were out having a nice lunch and he was home eating his soup.  We sent a picture of the menu, our beers and lunch.  We were going back and forth with texts. Finally he says, “No texting during lunch”, My soup is getting cold!!!!”  Oh… we forgot he has one of those phones without a keyboard, and he’s not a regular texter, so it takes him a while.   Sorry Jack!

Hey!  “The Girl” has problems with some hacker on her blog. So she asked me to mention that she’s at a new blog address:  www.clarkiegirl.wordpress .com

Charlene is at grandma’s again today.  I miss her!

It’s lonely here today. Jeannie  just called.  “Checking to see if you are ok…..”.  

In a week we begin The Oscar’s Taverm B3!”   

Flapjack Steve will be here tomorrow.  Not a whole lot to say today.  I’m feeling bluesy….


A New York city man complained to a commuter friend that he didn’t know any women, and he was lonely “I’ll tell you what to do, ” the friend said. “This afternoon, take a New Haven railroad train to Greenwich, Connecticut. When you get there you’ll see lots of attractive women waiting in their station wagons. Some of then will be disappointed because their husbands won’t be on the train. The thing for you to do is to approach one of them, explain that you were expecting someone to meet you, and strike up a conversation.”

That afternoon the city man went to the station and got on a New Haven train, but after it had started he discovered he’d taken one that didn’t stop at Greenwich. It did stop at Stamford, though, and figured the same tactics would work there. Sure enough, at the Stamford station there was a beautiful woman in a station wagon looking forlorn because her husband hadn’t shown up. The city man struck up a conversation with her. She was in a receptive mood, and invited him to her house for a cool drink.

An hour later her husband came home and showed irritation in his greeting to his wife. Then he turned on the man. “And as for you, ” he stormed, “I told you to get off at Greenwich!”

Ah!   Willy just walked in….   “hey Buddy

Oscar the Grouch!”

does it show?”

Twinkle honey, get this trainwreck one of your tasty burgers. I need to kick his a$$“.


Have a great weekend!



~ by Oscar on August 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “No Texting During Lunch!”

  1. I liked the drink specials and the menu today. Oscar’s Bar is starting to become a classy place to hang out in. Do you think adding Hooter Barmaids would alter that image??????

  2. Lookie at all that vodka. Yum.

    The Pear one is tasty in a martini. Just sayin’

  3. Oooh, vodka specials! I just discovered UV Blue vodka, but I’d try any kind mixed wtih lemonade!

    Hate those hackers. My self hosted site was destroyed by hackers. Tell The Girl it was a good choice to go with wordpress. It’s much less vulnerable, or so it seems to me.

  4. Jeannie called again? Baby, do you have to put it on the blog when that happens? You know it makes me jealous to read such things! 😉

  5. Do they have mango vodka at the Tavern? Ohh, your making people jealous. Thanks for the mention XXXOOO

  6. The burger and soup sound delicious. But, you know how I feel about vodka and especially vodka and lemonade. Dear God. How about gin and soda?
    Sorry hackers ruined That Girl’s site. It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to.
    Sorry you’re feeling bluesy . . .
    And tell Willy it’s not nice to kick a man when he’s down.

  7. I’m raising my glass to toast in hopes that you are no longer feeling bluesy.

  8. Okay, I’ll take a vodka Lemonade and pretend that the weather is summer like. Keep the turkey burger, I can’t get those things down.

  9. I stopped in on a recommendation from Teri. She got some good taste and you got a lotta liquour. Very entertaining. I’ll have to stop in again sometime.

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