Tails you lose, Heads I win.


Hmmmm, hmmmm hmmmm….. dum de dummmm, “So remember, Every picture tells a story don’t it, Every picture tells a story don’t  it, Every picture tells a story don’t it! WHooo! Every picture tells a story don’t it…”   Huh  oh!    Sorry!

Old Rod Stewart songs….   I have the juke box cranking.  Been away. Everyone has been filling in for me.  How are ya?

Welcome To Oscar’s Tavern!

So yeah.  I’ve been traveling. Boy everyone is busy…  Poor Charlene, she’s not feeling 100% so she’s out to the doctor today.  I love her.  You know. She has been around here for a long time.  Hope she’ll be ok.  She’s been in a funk.  She’s become a part of my life.  Funny how that happens.  Oh I’ve had a crush on her for over 14 years, but she has different taste in men.  Thats ok.  We’ve become very close friends. I’m very happy with that.  She has me worrying about her.  Can’t get that out of my mind. Along with other special people.  Funny how your friendship “bandwidth” gets full.  LOL  Listen to me. Reverting to my corporate days.  I don’t keep my concern in “silos”, I’m willing to work within each others “Paradigms” ((yes, i did just enable spell check)  BUT only Paradigms was wrong so far! )   I have so many that sad to say I had to drop one.  She’ll be ok.  Twinkle says as soon as she calls me and says, “Hey Oscar, I need your help” I’ll crumble…  Nope. Not this time! I Think.  I Can’t always be there for everyone. Gotta choose your battles!  I’m just overloaded!!!  Gotta start taking care of myself!  No more people to worry abou..

Hi Oscar!”

“Hey Minnie!, Where ya been?”

“Oh just hanging close to home”

“Everything ok?”

“Oh Yeah, but…”

“Sit down honey, tell your buddy Oscar whats on your mind, I’ll help you out”…  “You’re a merlot gal… still?”


So a lot of people are still vacationing.  The Oscar’s Tavern Annual “B” Blast is coming in two weeks.  The whole damned Tavern goes down to a beach house in North Carolina.  I haven’t even started planning.  Hope Charlene feels up to it later this week

We have a lot of fun!  We just relax.  Live out Kenny Chesney songs… No Shoes, no Shirts, no problem…

Two retired ladies were on the beach in Miami. They were discussing the fact that if they go for a swim, someone might steal their cigarettes, but if they take the cigarettes with them, they will get soaked. Then they notice a gorgeous girl walking out of the ocean. She reaches into the top of her swimsuit, pulls out a perfectly dry cigarette, a book of matches and lights up. The ladies go up to the girl and ask, “How do you keep your cigarettes dry?” Her answer, “I put them inside of a condom.”  The women rush to a pharmacy and ask for a condom. When the pharmacist asks, “What size?” one of the ladies says, “It should fit a Camel.”

Twinkle couldn’t finish her Coors Light today. So she poured it into my glass without tilting. Thus today’s title.

Have a great day! 



~ by Oscar on August 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “Tails you lose, Heads I win.”

  1. Poor Charlene. Hope she’s feeling better soon. Oscar, you ARE a good friend to many. That’s what makes you a great bartender!

  2. Your right, take care of yourself first then you can worry about the others. Enjoy the beach in a couple of weeks. Sounds like fun…

  3. I hope Charlene becomes un-funky soon. And Im sick of everyone being so busy! I feel like the internet is dead!

  4. Lots here! Are you ‘Home” or still traveling? Do you like traveling? Since going to Ireland last year, I realize that are more places, near and far, I would like to go. I’m sure it’s different if you’re traveling for business.

    Should I say I’m sorry you had to drop a friend? Your comments about her make her seem like a complication, or at least it seems like a complicated relationship. “Choosing your battles,” and “taking care o yourself” don’t seem to be phrases you use about a friend. Of course, I don’t know her or your relationship, so I could be talking out my a**.

    Paradigms. You just spelled it wrong. I had to look it up to make sure I knew what you were talking about. Thank God for online dictionaries.

    Oscar’s Tavern Annual “B” Bash sounds like a blast! A beach house in North Carolina sounds like heaven, as does “No shoes, no shirt, no problem.” I long to get away. Maybe I can get away over the Labor Day weekend. Of course, it won’t be a beach house in NC, it will be a lake house in Michigan. Still, it’s a little bit of heaven in itself.

    “It has to be the size of a camel.” All I can say is hahahahaha. I laughed out loud at this one.

    It’s a little early in the a.m. for a Coors or any other kind of light beer. I could use a cup of decaf coffee right now. Tuesday night I’m treating my self to a Miller Lite. I’ve been hankering for one for awhile. No time, but I’ll make some Tuesday night, or Wednesday night when we take the oldest out to dinner.

    I hope you had a wonderful day! I hope tomorrow is even better!

  5. You just got back and are taking off again? Must be a nice life.

  6. Awwwww Feel Better Charlene 😦 Sounds like your a little down in the dumps babe, hope by the time you read this your feeling a little more like the fiesty Oscar I’ve grown to love XXXXOOOO

  7. I WISH I was vacationing!

  8. Take care of yourself! Can’t believe the summer is almost over… wow does time fly!

  9. Oscar, remember the top 3 theory!

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