Ooops Wrong Number…


Hello Everyone!   Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

The day after a rainy weekend.  Whoo it rained like hell yesterday.  Flooded eveything!  My pool was overflowing!

When is this going to end!  This HAS to be the rainiest Summer we’ve had around here in some time.  A real bummer for a boy who loves the sun!

Charlene has some fresh sausage and pepper sandwiches for us today!  Lets wash them down with some Coors Light!

So Friday night I get this text from a woman I know. It went something like this… 

” I just had escargot drenched in cognac, it was delicious!  Why didn’t we go out again?”   I know this woman enjoys French Cuisine.  And I’m thinking “wow, the drinks make her real side come out!”  Well, (Buzzer sound) EHHHHH!   She calls me mid-day Saturday and we talked. She says she sent the message to the wrong person.  😦     Funny how that works huh?  We take in situations, or things said that make us happy or swell up with pride. Then are a tad let down when it’s intent wasn’t what we thought.  We did discuss and agreed how people who may have had a few drinks tend to say what they really feel. Maybe she meant to make that mistake.    LOL

Sometimes need overcomes logic.

Interesting post over at Momo Fali’s today.

This must be “blues – Monday”.    It was a Monday, just like any other Monday!……   (  deja vu all over again )

 A circus owner walked into a bar to see everyone crowded about a table watching a little show. On the table was an upside down pot and a duck tap dancing on it. The circus owner was so impressed that he offered to buy the duck from its owner. After some wheeling and dealing, they settled for $10,000 for the duck and the pot.

Three days later the circus owner runs back to the bar in anger, “Your duck is a ripoff! I put him on the pot before a whole audience, and he didn’t dance a single step!”

“So?” asked the ducks former owner, “did you remember to light the candle under the pot?”

Well let me get a workin’.   Our friend Amber is gonna stop by today. I have some special bottles for her backpack!

Happy Blogoversary to Meleah!

Have a Great Day!




~ by Oscar on August 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Ooops Wrong Number…”

  1. I received a text message once that said, “Hey sexy flirt!” I had no idea who sent it and never heard from them again.

  2. “Need overcomes logic” – So true!!!

  3. well as much sun as we’re getting out here in Cali, I’d love a little of your rain! Nobody gets what they want these days…except of course at Oscar’s! Serve me up already!!!

  4. I do enjoy my coors light!

  5. I agree, we So Cal’s are just not getting any (rain that is) and we need it BAD. Errant texting is just plain fun….

  6. Friends don’t let friends text drunk! Here’s my phone, get me a Coors!

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