Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Hi,  How are you today?    I’m back from benchmarking and it seems the Tavern held her own here.  We have the usual glitter and  “sticky-stuff” left over from a “Girl” sponsored night.  We found a lot of poker chips and cigarette butts outside.  BUT the register was full!  So I’m not going to ask any questions.  The laundramat owner next door told me there were a lot of “Cowboys” here.  Hmmm. Now thats a change. And you had to love our “Guest Post” by SuprisedMom!  She’s a sweetheart! Think we’ll wait a bit until we have lemonade and Vodka!

Todays special is a tosssed salad with grilled chicken breast and fresh peaches!  And to compliment that, Peach Bellini’s.  Pureed peaches that are frozen in champagne.  Nice Charlene!!!

 I met up with my old buddy Paul Johnson in San Juan.  We had a nice chat and did some catching up.  He likes to knock down Johnny Walker Green. Tab was steep!  Well, we did have chip and Leo there in the beginning. Thanks Paul!

Twinkle and I were talking about someone named Katie this morning. She said she didn’t know what Katie did.  I said Katydid?  And then the conversation turned to ugly bugs.  Funny how conversations can just switch paths.


Passing along a link from Mrs.4444 for support. Click on the Pink ladies Below! 






Well let me get things going here.  Have a great day!

Belinda – thanks for Lunch!

Oh BTW – Visit www.fashionablyunfashionable.wordpress.com  a friend who just started blogging!



~ by Oscar on July 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “Katydids”

  1. I’m so sorry for the glittery sticky mess – I was exhausted from riding that bull baby ! Never heard of Johnny Walker Green, I know some guy at work was doing $75.00 shots of JW Blue.

  2. I bet the vodka and lemonade is great!

  3. Oh, that tossed salad and Peach Bellini looks fantastic! Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed the guest post. All I can tell you is That Girl sure knows how to throw a party! Customers come out happy! I checked out Fashionable Unfashionable and immediately added her to my “must reads.”

  4. Peach Bellinis! Now that sounds good! Good think you keep Charlene around to come up with these tasty ideas!

  5. Glad you had a good time in San Juan. Beautiful down there…

  6. No problem Oscar…Maybe I’ll show up at GKG tomorrow too!

  7. Hey Surprised Mom – wait until you see what I got cooking for next time – I already picked out your outfit !

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