Girl Friday

Hey Y’all – Welcome to Oscar’s.

 Can you believe Oscar has asked me back to watch the bar.  We made such a killing on Pasty Mud Wrestling Night, it was really a shame that he was out of town and missed it.

  So  tonight we are proudly holding “Oscar’s First Annual Texas Hold Em Night”.  The specials on the menu are Texas Tommy’s and Budweiser.  For all you non-beer-drinking cow folk out there, I always recommend the Mo’fo and shots of Jack Daniels will be half price in honor of all you Marlboro smoking cowboys.


 Come join a poker table, it’s only $20.00 to get in.  Your waitress’ will be serving you in their finest attire of daisy duke shorts, bra tops, cowgirl boots, and of course the cowgirl hats.  And of course your dealers will be fine on the eyes…….



And last but not least, my old pal Zike is bringing in the “Bull.”  We will be having bull riding tournaments beginning at 8:00. I am scheduled first on the beast.  You must hold on to the old bucker for at least 3 minutes in order to move forward in the tournament.  Now ladies, don’t disappoint me, I expect you all to enter into the tournament. You’ve all ridden a beast at least once right?

   All riders must sign a waiver at the door promising not to sue Oscar’s Tavern for any injuries sustained while riding the bull.  We have also ordered matting so when your ass gets kicked off you don’t hurt yourself on the floor.  I know that Oscar will be proud of me because I thought up the waiver thing and all.  We didn’t do that at Wrestling night.



So come on out and join us for some sexy poker and woman riding on bulls !!!! Sound like a good time to me –  I’ll be waiting for you at the door XXXOOO– The Girl


~ by Oscar on July 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “Girl Friday”

  1. OH fun! I’ll be there in spirit…besides; I’ve never ridden a bull before. I don’t want to disappoint!

  2. You host the most interesting nights at Oscar’s Tavern! I wish I could be there. Have a Budweiser on me! I don’t know if Oscar will be back tonight, but if he is, let me know if he rides the bull!

  3. Ella: You never disappoint babe.

    Surprised Mom: Thank you, I try to spice it up. Seems Oscar can be a bit conservative :p at times.

    Oscar: My readers left their comments about the Party over on my page…..It was a blast. Thanks for having me.

  4. Wow! The Girl did a great job! xoxoxo

  5. thanks for posting the button, Oscar. It’s such a great cause 🙂

  6. […] watching the bar again. When Oscar asked me to bartend, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to top Texas Hold Em Night? So I went to the girls……..we put out heads together……..and decided in this horrible […]

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