Wipe your Feet, you have Moon Dust on them!

Houston… We’re Stopping at Oscar’s Tavern.

Hi!  How are you?  It’s raining here in the Northeast.   Step in. Put your umbrella over there by the coat rack.  The Lovely Charlene says that Specials today are Cuban sandwiches (very popular here) and Jack Daniels!   let us pour you a shot or two….

What’ll you have?  

40 years ago yesterday I was a young boy who enjoyed following avation and space. This particular evening we stayed up into the wee hours to watch Neil Armstrong Step onto the Moon.  I was at my best friends home that night. We had snacks, soda, and other stuff. We were prepared to spend the evening watching it all unfold. It’s neat having been a part of that. It was so exciting for us.  Not sure there are lots of firsts nowadays.  Maybe I’m overlooking things. This was a man on the moon!  and I DO believe we did it!  Davis W wrote a fun post about it. Check it out!  Maybe we’ll step on Mars next.  That is after we’ve solved all the worlds problems first.  LOL   Well we could get AAA to go and tow the Mars Lander back to NASA….

“Hello  Tripple A!”

“um yes, I’d like a… to have my vehicle towed?”

“sure sir, can you give me your policy number?”

“Yes..Umm..   25or6to4”

“Thankyou sir, Mr. Nasa?”


“Ok, the location of the vehicle?”

“um.  Mars”

“Which State?”

“um  Mars”

“sir which state is it in”

“Its not in any state”

“Then its not covered sir, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“um, no. Thanks”….. $#it.


  Willy says he has all the bases covered for the next few days. Guess we’ll see what that means.  I’m leaving the Tavern in capable hands.

Have a great day!     Off to the Island…


~ by Oscar on July 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wipe your Feet, you have Moon Dust on them!”

  1. Happy travels Oscar.

  2. Even though Jack Daniels is the special, I think I’ll stick with the Miller Lite. Hard liquor and me (or is it I) don’t mix. What I really feel like is a big juicy cheeseburger just dripping with everything on it. Darn, I guess I must be hungry. Good luck on the island. I hope the weather’s nice. See you soon.

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