Smile, it’s Tuesday. :)



Welcome To Oscar’s Tavern!

Hi Everyone!  How the heck are you!!!  What a gorgeous day!  I’m bopping to a tune on the jukebox , having a fresh cup of coffee.  Ready to take on the world today!  

Well let’s get down to business!   For our Special today we have Buffalo Burgers and fries, and  Dollar Coors Light drafts!   That’s a nice combo for a nice day like today!  Charlene (did I say the LOVELY) Charlene, can put some cheese on it for you if you wish!  Right my dear?

Thaaaats Right! 


Well life is good today!  Shook my Monday Blues!!

I’m in a good mood today!   I think at Happy Hour..

Since when did we have Happy Hour?

Um.. Today!   Yes   I will expand our menu and have ALL drafts for a buck today!   Make sure we have extra Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite for our regulars Willy!”

Whats with him….

He’s in a good mood….

Ha!…….’Bout fu&#ing time.

Yes what a great day!   I feel great!   Got up early!  Had a delicious breakfast!  I had a great workout this morning!     Ever feel that way?  You get such a recharge from an agressive workout! Aw hell, I’m just a happy guy today!  Funny how that works huh!

Well anyway. Things here at the Tavern have been good. Business is up. Still wonder if it had anything to do with the day The Girl took over the bar. Hey, I’m not complaining! 

We’re gonna try something new. Karaoke Night.  I had the Jukebox distributors put a collection of Kareoke songs in it.  They publish a list.  So when I want, I have songs for the event! Neat huh?  Just need someone microphone savy like Leo to get the folks up and sing. Should be fun?  What song would YOU like to sing? 

 “I’ve got friends in Low Plaaces…”   Great Willy!

“I Can’t Make You Love Me!..”    A Bonnie Raitt song!  Nice Charlene!

“Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi!    Hey Betty!  Nice choice!

“I will Survive!”   Hey Belinda!  Ata girl!

“Come Back to Me”  by David Cook!  Nice Twinkle!  Good song!

“How about stop that damned typing and get me another Vodka!” – Oh, LOL, Sorry Jack!

Well anyway, it should be fun!  Lot’s to do this week. Busy next week. PR business. May touch base with an old friend Paul Johnson. 

Well let me go and take care of business or it won’t stay good!

Oh and for an extra menu item go visit



 Thanks for your Idea!


Twinkle – Sorry I ate your soup!






















Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Another nice day here. temperatures aren’t quite where i want them to be, but overall everyone else thinks it’s nice. I like hot. What am I here? That Gulf Coast Tavern idea is rearing its head again…


~ by Oscar on July 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “Smile, it’s Tuesday. :)”

  1. Somebody got a lil sumthin sumthin last night! 😉

  2. I’m glad business is doing well, I’d be more than happy to host another pastie/wrestling match at the bar. Thank god my Mich Ultra is on special, I sure could use one or six today. As for my Karoke song…..I’m singing “Before he Cheats” – Carrie Underwood. Glad your in a great mood Oscar !

  3. I was gonna say it but Terri beat me to it !!! Looks like Oscar got a little nookie !

  4. I would love to sing Karaoke! My favorite is anything by Olivia Newton John, but especially I Honestly Love You. Hey, maybe we can do a duet from GREASE?!

  5. Oh Oscar, I’m smiling just reading this post. I’m so happy that you’re in a good mood. The Buffalo burgers and fries sound fantastic, but you know me, pour me a Miller Lite! If I ever got up the nerve, or drank enough, I’d sing “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” It’s a song that’s been bouncing around my head all day. Was it really your workout that made you so chipper, or is Terri correct?

  6. Hey, can I smoke my cigars at your place? Just saying a good Buffalo burger and Ultra would go great with an Oliva V torpedo I have stashed in the humidor….

  7. Jack would like to perform Kareoke song “We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore” by Twisted Sister. Complete with make-up and proper attire. Of course this would occur after a proper amount of Vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon have been consumed….Just for luck you understand……

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