Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun! Home:Rain…


Hey Everyone!   How are you!   Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Yes, I already used this picture, but it fits for today too.  I’m back here at the Tavern. Its a rainy Saturday here. Just me. Looks like the Tavern did well this past week. Must have been the rain bringing everyone in and not going to the beach.  I have to give props to “The Girl” for running the place. Looks like we had a big night while I was gone. Brought in some real cash!  Moved a lot of Michelob Ultra I see.  I’ll have to order more.  The kitchen looks like it was never used. Boy she really cleaned it up.  Not a lot for me to do today because everything is in order.  Something on the bar must have come loose as I see there’s some new wood on it and the ceiling was touched up. Maybe a bottle burst or something.  Some glitter on the floor. Must have been some young girls here. There’s this sticky shamrock on the bar near the taps.  LOL  They must have had an Irish night or something. Can’t wait to ask her! Maybe i should put her on part time to help with business.

102_5367Sun sun sun sun…  Thats all we had in Florida. Every day!  80-90 degrees every day!   We LOVED it!  Charlene loved it so much she decided to stay another week.  We had a great time. I finally broke out the golf clubs. Realized I still suck, but had fun.   Maybe I’ll open up that southern Tavern on the Gulf Coast.  Somewhere between Sarasota and Tampa.  Hmmmm.   Yeah big dreams.   Out  from behind the bar you’ll see that scene to the left. I took that picture at a place caled “Anamarie Island”, near Bradenton Beach.

So Belinda tells me it has rained the whole time I was away.  Looks like more through this weekend into next week.  Augh, I feel sorry for all you who have had this. Guess it’s my turn. I did get too much sun.

Well we’ll be back in full swing on Tuesday.  May post Monday.. We’ll see how it goes.

Great being back.


Misssed all of you!



~ by Oscar on June 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun! Home:Rain…”

  1. first time at you blog. apprently, you just left my backyard! (honeymoon island area) it’s nice to hear that you had a great experience down here. we love it too.

  2. It’s always a bummer coming home from vacation, but isn’t there a small part of you that is happy to be home? Welcome back anyway. You were missed.

  3. You picked a great week to be away because the weather sucked here!!! I missed you Oscar. Let’s get together for lunch next week.

  4. Great to have you back! It sounds like you really enjoyed your vacation. Sun is wonderful, especially after a cool rainy spring. We still have the rain, but now we have 80-degree sunny days as well. You were missed. Pop me open a Miller Lite, will you?

  5. Welcome back! 🙂

  6. “Sun sun sun sun… Thats all we had in Florida”

    you are soooooooooooooo lucky. All we’ve had is RAIN. In fact, it’s raining as I type this!

  7. Let me know when you open that new tavern down south. Beer and the warm sun just go together…

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