Busy Busy Busy


Welcome To Oscar’s Tavern!   Yes, remember us?

Sorry – we’ve all been so darned busy lately we haven’t had time to bathe.  Ok well we  did that.   A whole lot going on right now.  I had company from Colorado through the weekend. And “business” has just kept me overloaded. A good thing I guess.

Lunch Special is Eggplant Parmesan with spaghetti.   Nice!   We provide Beringer Merlot with it!   Meanwhile we have draft specials on Coors and Miller Lite.


It had been so damned hard to find time to post. We here apologize for not keeping you up to speed on all the “gossip” and goings on here. A lot happening too. Also I have been traveling for “business” a lot lately. And THEN next week I’m off to Florida for a week. 

We feel bad!     Hopefully tomorrow I can get a complete Tavern post. I may ask Kim or someone else to guest post for us.

Getting our fishing gear ready….

Gotta run –

sorry for the lame post.  Busy Busy Busy

Love you all!



~ by Oscar on June 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. well, let us know when you gt into Florida, what part? i’ll be glad to show you around or help with any information while youre here. btw- nice pic, catch anything?

  2. Now that’s a fishing style I’ve not seen before. Interesting. Do you think she’ll catch anything that way? Fish, I mean…

  3. I hope you’re having fun while traveling. The photo would indicate you are. Enjoy Florida. Remember your sunscreen. And I’d like a Miller Lite. Take care!

  4. Oh nice pic Oscar ! Makes want to go fishing now. Make sure you wash off the handle of the rod before you use it.

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