Thirsty Thursday on Monday


Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!          Hola  4F

Well its been a busy few days. Sorry I haven’t gotten to the blog.  Was a nice weekend in the NorthEast.  Spent the past 3 days down the shore.  (the beach for you west coasters)  Had a nice lunch with Jack and Twinkle on Friday.  I went to a horse racetrack on Saturday. First time I’ve ever been to one. Went as a guest of a chiropractor with my lawyer. Will have to write about that on CS.  Ended up running back to the shore yesterday for a nice dinner with my daughter and her BF. I didn’t feel like cooking. 

So!   Todays Specials are different.  First we have Corndogs!   Cute~Ella said recently that she wanted corndogs.  TGYDBHTM says she wanted a change in menu’s.  So we are having Philly Cheese steaks also , in her honor.  The drink special is Michelob Ultra.  So…

What can I get you?

Late one day last week maybe about 7 pm we had a bunch of women come in and have a dinner and some drinks. They sat at a table near the bar. There were 3  of them. Willy and I were working, Lisa was in the kitchen.  They all ordered a bar pie. Each one had one. They had a few beers, one was drinking Chardonay.  They had a bunch of little pads and were figuring out stuff.  I brought over thier second round of drinks and asked “So are the ladies figuring out how to fix the economy?”  he chuckled and on replied. “No, we’re calculating how many points this dinner is.   “Oh, ok, I’ll tell the cook, use les oil”.   We hear them talking.  “Brownies are 2 points”.  Willy chimes in, “brownies are 20 years”.      They didn’t like that.   LOL

Well let me go. Still busy as heck!



~ by Oscar on June 1, 2009.

10 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday on Monday”

  1. just an FYI — everybody (including the South) calls it the beach except youse guys

  2. Corndog and a Philly Steak please. HOld the peppers if they’re green! And beer. Lots of beer.

  3. that’s one funny comic strip…I wonder if I’m too short for me too! 🙂

  4. I’ll have my cheesesteak provolone wit.

  5. I love Corndogs! I cant imagine someone having Chardonay with a bar pie!

  6. That Philly cheesesteak looks so darn good that I’ll have that and a beer. Thanks.

  7. You’ve got my beer and two of my favorite foods on special. I’ll have one of everything!

  8. Cheese steaks and Mich Ultra – Oscar have I told you lately how much I lust you !!! Thanks Baby, you made my day.

  9. Oh, p.s. I’ll take mine with Wiz w/out

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