Detours and Detox


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today?  Overcast here in the Northeast.  A ho hum day.

Special today is from Heather (OSBP) It’s Chicken – sausage and veggie stir fry!  We’re gonna add Monkey Bay Savignon Blanc to that dish to make it just right!

Right Charlene?    

“Thaaats Right!”


Well the Memorial Day weekend went by without a hitch. I had a plate full of things to do. Got Some of them done. Had a Barbeque on Sunday, got the pool all set.  During this 4 day mini vacation I believe I killed a lot of Mexican soldiers. Corona Beer. Over a case I’m sure, I lost count.  I was never goofy or drunk.  I bent the 11:30 rule on Monday, started at 11:15.  I have a rule where I won’t drink before 11:30 am.  Keeps me in check. But on holidays and vacations I bend it.  Now yesterday and today I put myself on what I call detox.  Charlene does this too. If we have a “heavy” weekend, we stop completely for a few days.  We’re normally not “heavy hitters”.   Again, a way to keep ourselves in check. But man those cold ones sure go down nice on a warm sunny day don’t they?

A nice couple came in yesterday. Eric and Eli.  Eli is a short for Elizabeth. I’ve never heard that used like that. He was a middle aged gentleman, she was a bit younger, very pretty and petite.  They sat together at the table in the corner by the jukebox.  And quietly chatted.  They drank wine.  I could see the smiles on both of them, they truly enjoyed each other’s company.  That was nice.  It was refreshing to see a couple enjoying themselves.  It was the first time I can think of they have been here.  Ain’t love neat!

Still enjoying Miranda Lamberts “Dead Flowers”.  Had it on repeat yesterday and drove Willy nuts. Charlene likes it too.

Well let me stop yakking and get to work.

Yes, we replaced the seat in the Ladies room!

Hi Kimmy!



~ by Oscar on May 27, 2009.

9 Responses to “Detours and Detox”

  1. Your weekend sounds like mine with the exception of the heavy hitting. lol. Spent some time in the swimming pool enjoying the weather. I think your choice of wine for the special was right on target!

  2. I love the comic! lol

    Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. Thanks for replacing that seat in the ladies room! The graphic of Corona reminds me that I better get going and start buying the beer for the oldest’s grad party. Corona is the “regular” beer. I’m seesawing between two beers for the “lite” edition. I can only drink one day in a row. I’m a lightweight. Otherwise, the next few days are just not nice. Liked the cloud graphic. Made me laugh. Snoopy is a favorite of mine, too. He always brings a smile to my face. You’re making me hungry. Gotta go eat late lunch/early dinner! Have a great day!

  4. What did you replace the seat with?

    • Weaselmomma – Bubble wrap
      SurprisedMom – Come to the Tavern and we’ll teach you how to hit home runs! LOL Snoopy is here
      Loni – It made me chuckle too!
      OSB – Yes, I thought a nice light taste would compliment!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. It’s nice staying at home and getting stuff done. Wish I could’ve done that, but I won’t complain about my weekend.

    Can I come hang out by the pool next time?

  6. I loved OSB’s tasty tuesday this week too! Im glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend. xoxo

    • Terri – Yes you did have a great weekend! And you are ALWAYS welcome to hang out by the pool. I’ll have all you need!
      meleah – Yes they ARE tasty!

  7. Must check out that song!

    On DARLING I LOVE YOU… it’s only corny if the words is not intended for you 🙂

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