Tell “Em” I says hi


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Its a Sunny Tuesday here in Oscarland.  A normal day so far.  Come on in and grab a stool. (a bar stool wise guy) 

Today we decided Heather from “One Shot Beyond” is going to supply our Special. Breaded baked Chicken! And lets wash it down with a Budweiser!  Mmm! Doesn’t that look good! She does “Tasty Tuesdays”.


So this morning I laughed like hell when I read Mrs. 4444’s post. She is a trip. Gotta love her!  I wonder if her students read her blog.

Betty is back from NC. I’m gonna stop by and see her today. She’s been through a lot of rough stuff lately.

Jack and Twinkle were in earlier. We’re gonna take a trip soon.

I’m real busy today.  Maybe more later.


~ by Oscar on May 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Tell “Em” I says hi”

  1. Give Ms Betty a hug from me when you do stop by! Also, I love, love, love seeing my Breaded Chicken gracing the Tavern! YAY!!!

  2. Heading over to Mrs. 4444 now. I agree you do gotta love her. Try to enjoy your busy day. I have to go work, so I’m heading to the land of retail and all its madness. Oh fun. Have a great one! Sorry, too busy to grab a stool right now, but would love to.

  3. I’m gonna pull up a stool and my laptop. There’s work to be done. I’ll try the chicken hold the gravy. Give me a beer in glass, surprise me with what kind.

  4. Damit, I am always hungry after leaving your blog. Why is that?

  5. Yep, Mrs. 4444 is not one to be easily embarassed, I’ll say that for her.

    Lunch looks great. I’ll give it a try.

  6. Now I’m starving !

  7. Hi Oscar! I hope your busy day went well. I am sitting in a hotel room in Fargo, ND (long story). The girls are asleep (they swam for hours in the hotel’s pool) and I’m trying to catch up on emails, etc. while the hubby is doing the same… life is good. 🙂

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