Mwah to my Baby


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Ahoy Matey’s, Tis a fine day here at the tavern!  I hope all you mothers had a great day this past weekend!

I had a little “get together” at the homestead for Nueve de Mayo. (the fifth was during the week)  No problems with the day after, just in case.  Between that and Mothers Day, it was a busy weekend!

Todays Special is Texas Weiners and Lone Star Beer!   We’re honoring my dear friend Doxie.  She’s a busy girl in Dallas!  Known her for years, a real sweetheart! When I call her and she doesn’t answer, I’ll sing “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” on her answering machine. It probably hurts her ears but I know she likes it. She is special to me.

I read a blog today from Suprised Mom.  She talked about Mothers Day and the nice time she had.  She spoke of the women enjoying thier wine. The men were the designated drivers.  I thought that was a pretty nice gesture from the guys! Here at the Tavern, we like to acknowledge things like that! Maybe next year they can bring the ladies here…  🙂

Just like clockwork, every Saturday at midnight, you can bet that a police car will be parked outside a neighborhood bar on the edge of our town.
Recently the officer noticed a man leaving the bar; he appeared so intoxicated that he could barely walk.
The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes while the officer patiently watched, knowing
that he could arrest the man as soon as attempted to drive.

After what was a very long time, the drunk tried his keys on five different cars before finding his own car
and opening the door. He fell into the front seat and lay quietly on the front seat with the door ajar while
many other patrons left the bar and drove away. Finally, the drunkard tried to start his car; but he only
was able to turn on the flashers, start the windshield wipers and honk the horn.

Finally, he got the engine started and lights on. He moved the vehicle a few inches forward;
than suddenly threw it into reverse and than remained stationery for a few more minutes as more patrons
left the bar in their cars. At long last, the guy started to drive out of the parking lot.

With siren on and red lights flashing, the police officer, who had been watching him like a hawk,
immediately pulled the guy over. The officer pulled out his Breathalyzer gadget and gave the man a routine check;
but to the officer’s amazement, the test indicated no evidence of the man having consumed alcohol.

Dumbfounded, the office said “I’ll have to ask you to accompany me to the Police Station because my
Breathalyzer equipment appears broken.”

“I doubt it’s broke”, said the man. “Tonight, I’m the designated decoy!”.

Well have a good day, starting to get busy here.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hey – let us know what your favorite drinks are and we’ll link you when its yours!

> Hey baby <




~ by Oscar on May 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Mwah to my Baby”

  1. glad to hear you had a busy weekend! Those can be the best…

  2. Busy weekends are fun. Wow! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I think it would be harder for the guys to be designated drivers if they took us to your bar. Loved your story about the decoy.

  3. LMAO! I would love to play the designated decoy! 🙂

    Good to hear the weekend was a busy one.

  4. I love your creative party theme! Way to find a way to celebrate. And that is one of my favorite jokes. Makes me laugh every time!

  5. ditto, my darlin’ O !!

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