Rain Rain Go Away

Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Come on in out of the rain!  Here place your umbrella on the rack there. Man its unending!  It’s been raining here since Saturday and looks like no end until next week. A couple of storms following each other our way.  Boy it makes ya feel crappy doesn’t it?

Whew!   Here’s a clean bar rag. Dab yourself off.  Dreary day here. The Girl was here earlier saying the same thing around her place.  A little slow here today.  I let Charlene stay home. Don’t want her to “mess up her wig” as she says.  She’s been working hard lately.  Just Willy, Lisa and myself here today.  What can I get ya?

Special for today are Burgers!  Any way you like ’em!   And the drink of the day is Guinness!  How about a nice cheeseburger with tomatos and lettuce sound? Huh!? and a tall Guinness.  Here, let me get that for ya!   How do you like it cooked?   Medium?  Fine…


Well we had a Cinco de Mayo celebration here yesterday but it was kinda washed up.  First off I had a splitting headache annd never came in. Charlene and Leo kinda rann the festivities, which amounted to Corona and Dos Equis beers, Margaritas, and Tequila shots.  Tacos, burittos and some tasty nacho’s.  We played some Mexican music. (Ok a couple songs – not a lot on the jukebox, everyone got a little tired of Selena after a while)  But overall not a bad day.  The mexican fare brought us in a few more folk than normal.  But hey – we did it!

Here’s your burger!   Damned tasty huh?Sometimes thats all you need. I was out one night last week with Kim and we went to this fancy resturant. I looked over the menu and all I could think of was a good cheeseburger.  She laughed and agreed. We had a drink and left. We headed to the local diner and both had cheeseburger deluxe.  Funny how that is.  Sometimes when I get back from travel after eating at good resturants all week, I just get that urge for a vendor hot dog.  LOL  Too much of a good thing? Perhaps.

The snack bar next door to an atom smasher was called “The Fission Chips.”

On April Fools Day, a mother put a fire cracker under the pancakes. She blew her stack.

A new chef from India was fired a week after starting the job. He keep favoring curry.

A couple of kids tried using pickles for a Ping-Pong game. They had the volley of the Dills.

The new four food groups: Fast, Frozen, Instant, and Chocolate.

A friend got some vinegar in his ear, now he suffers from pickled hearing.

Overweight is something that just sort of snacks up on you.

Sign in restaurant window: “Eat now – Pay waiter.”

I thought you were trying to get into shape?
I am. The shape I’ve selected is a triangle.

Ba dump- bump –  Hey I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, but be careful not to tip her too much, she’ll spill your drink!

Just a reminder – Mothers Day is this Sunday…..Stay dry!

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Oh and The Girl will be here later so we will have hers all set to go!



~ by Oscar on May 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “Rain Rain Go Away”

  1. Ran sucks, But hey no better place to be than a bar! 🙂
    Yummy burger num num num.

  2. Im sooooo sick of rain ! It’s even going to rain on Saturday for the Big Wedding ! We should come to Oscar’s for a round and a wedding toast !

  3. Sorry about the rain. Nothing but sunshine and warm skies here. Wishing all the mother’s a happy day…

  4. Happy Mother’s Day! (a little early, I know). How about a cheeseburger with bacon and an iced tea. Coors for dessert.

  5. But this sounds like a great place to be on a rainy day. Yum-Cheeseburgers and Guinness! Forget the fancy food! Funny jokes!

  6. Sorry to hear you had a headache on Cinco de Mayo.. maybe it was the rain! We’ve had a bit of rain the last few days too. But we saw the most amazing rainbow last night, it was the most vivid rainbow I think I’ve ever seen (AND it was a double). The girls were THRILLED! I had my camera but unfortunately I don’t have Teri’s photographic ability (or a great camera) so my pictures did not do the rainbow justice. Have a wonderful week. I hope it gets drier!

  7. I’ll have a mushroom and swiss burger please!

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