Drop Off Lines


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

It’s Friday!  FFFrrrrriiiiday!    Wha hoo!   TGIF!!   How’s that. Thats how all the whack radio stations act in the morning today. Sheesh!

Ya gotta like everyday. Workin’ for the Weekend isn’t a way to live, ya know?  Look I’m philosophical before I tell you the specials.

I was just on the phone with Albert. He says he felt like a steak sandwich. ( I told him I’ll take your wife’s word)  So today we’ll have Charlene mke us up some teak Sandwiches, and some cole slaw with a pickle Britney. (spears)   Michelob Ultra is the special. Just for Cute~Ella by request of The Girl. I got her covered Robin!

Belinda is here today. Always nice when she comes in. I’ve known her for a long time.  I guess she was able to slip away from the kids for bit. She’s a busy gal.

I pulled this corny line outa my backside and used it on Kim:

Can you help me with this bottle of wine? Its for two and I left me home.

She calls me a goofball.

Well I gotta run. Short Post today!  Have a great Weekend!



~ by Oscar on May 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Drop Off Lines”

  1. ah…steak sandwiches are great. I had my share for lunch today though…started it off right with a caprese pizza, part of a monte cristo sandwich, sweet potato fries and then finished it off with some andouille sausage over mac n cheese. I am not kidding either! So I good, I think I’d have to skip the steak sandwhich and sip on some sweetness.

  2. That’s a good philosophy. Ok. Starting right now, I’m living for MONDAY! 😉

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