Never Assume


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Willy here.  How are you today!  Boy this has been four days of great weather. It’s been real nice. At least it’s nice outside.

Oscar is in a terrible mood.  I just spoke to him on the phone. Seems he was arrested yesterday for well….  as he puts it “Leaving my own door open after having a little fun with my date”.  I guess him and Kimmy stayed a little late that night.

I’d better get straight to the specials:

 Today I had Charlene make up some of those Stuffed Cabbage rolls.  Thats Oscar’s favorite dish.  And we’ll have Smithwick’s Ale. Also his favorite. Charlene put some mugs in the freezer just for him.  He’ll be in later. Vinnie stocked the pretzels, and cleaned up the place. 

Jeeze…  Who’d have thought.  It’s not like him to just leave things open like that.  So what was I to do?  I couldn’t find him that morning, so I called the police.   Then Robin has been joking with us, I know she’s a friend of Oscars but I wasn’t sure.  She’s a sweetie. What was I thinking?

So last night we had “Dancing with the Star’s” on the TV.  Apparently it is a popular show.  Leo says its family television. The women love to see the dancing and the outfits, and the men like to see the lack of outfits.  Must see TV.  LOL   Leo and I judge by… tasteful the ladies are. We really don’t care about the dancing.  Lisa says she enjoys watching the dancing. As a child she took dance all the way through high school.  They play a lot of the popular songs too so the kids don’t mind it I guess. “Womanizer, womanizer, ur a womanizer, womanizer“..  (what the hell is that?  A song done by a girl named after a pickle. (spears)).

Well let me get ready for the day. We want everything to be perfect…


~ by Oscar on April 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “Never Assume”

  1. When you assume it makes an ass out of you and me !

  2. Button your fly!

  3. I just changed my mind about going to the strip club tonight. 😛

  4. Hey, well at least Oscar had a little fun… at least I assume he did!

  5. The Pole Dancing photo is CRACKING ME UP

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