Law & Hors’ D’oeuvres Part 2


       Cha – Chung!


Oscar’s Tavern

2:00 pm Later this week.


Is Mr. G here today?

He was here a little while ago. He had to run to the distributor, we need replacement parts for the Coors light taps. Ever since Weaselmomma has been coming here, they get a lot of use.

When do you expect him back?

Well detective, He said he’d be gone for a couple hours.

Would you be able to tell me if there is anything missing from Mr. G’s office?

Not that I’m aware of. Who would break in and not take anything, much less leave their “panties” behind. 

Thanks Mr. Donatelli , would you call us when Oscar returns?

Sure thing.


       Cha – Chung!


Coors Brewing Company

Edison, NJ

4:00pm  later this week.

What time did Mr. G leave?

Oh probably around 3:30 not long ago – Just stopped by to pick up some new Tap parts.

Did he mention anything regarding his Tavern?

No, I’ve been there though. It’s a nice place, my sister lives right around the corner.  Ist there a problem?

That’s what we’re trying to decide ma’am.


       Cha – Chung!


Home of Kimberly San Paulo

Oakdale, NJ

8:00pm  later this week.

No, she’s not in right now, what can I do for you detectives?

Do you know where Ms. Kim was last Monday evening?

Well I believe she may have been out with this gentleman named Oscar. She’s been seeing him recently a lot.

Thanks Ma’am, would you have her call us when she returns?

Sure, detectives. 

Editors Note:

Oscars is open today – Reuben sandwiches with a dill spear. Drink Specials are Bud Light and Mojitos.

to be continued…….


~ by Oscar on April 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Law & Hors’ D’oeuvres Part 2”

  1. Oh Shit, I have to go look for my underware……damn I hope I didn’t leave it behind. 😉

  2. oh my!

    Yes to some crab cakes

  3. Stray panties in Oscar’s office? This sounds very interesting…

  4. Why do you have to call them panties… they’re UNDERWARE! Oh, a crab cake does sound tasty.

  5. So Oscar is now wearing women’s panties? That kind of sick. Give me a beer and crabcakes.

  6. Thank you oscar for including the invisible children link! It’s a great help. Much thanks from me 🙂

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