Survey Says!…..


 Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

TGIF!   How are you today. Nice day over here. Sunny high 60’s.  I have the front door propped open. Letting in that Spring air.

It’s bar pies today! Lent is over so we are having a Oscar’s special. Cheese pie with green peppers, black olives and meatballs.  That’s my favorite!  We’re washing it down with Guinness  specials. Draught and Smithwicks Ale!



 It’s early. Willy and I are all set up for the day. We’re just having coffee and looking at the TV.  There’s a network dedicated to just game shows aptly named Game show Network.  It shows a lot of old game shows and some new ones.  We’re having a blast laughing at how rediculous people are.  Ok we want to say stupid, but we’re being nice.  Just today on  Feud, they asked a woman to name a religious holiday.  She says..”lent”.   A few days ago there was a question, “Name an invention that has helped people communicate”.  – “um, a stereo?”    We just watch to see how stupid people are.  Ok maybe they are nervous…. Survey says…..EEEEHHHHHHHHH!!!   Another show is called Lingo or something like that. Oh BTW, these new game shows have hot hostesses…  Anyway, this one game involves listing five letter words in a grid all starting with the same letter. You gain points by using certain letters which are highlighted.  So these braniacs suggest such words as, “leafs” , “Leter” , “melow” or “prais”.   “Hello Bob, I’m a professor from San Diego”. But in fairness, Willy and I have decided that we are just smarter than these victims of our laughter and abusive bantor bannter, banttre – banter.  Whats even better is the racey humor on Match Game.  That would never air today.  Want to feel good about yourself?  Watch GSN.


How many Game Show Contestants does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
3, one of which will get to return tommorow

How many Game Show Hosts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Depends on what it says on his card.

How many Family Feud Contestants?      – One….. GOOD ANSWER, GOOD ANSWER!

Well, people are stepping in. Let me go.     Have a great weekend! Right Willy!   Willy?

(LOL  oh, its Sun dress season….)

CiaoSnoopy The Dogfather Black Boxer Shorts for Men picture


~ by Oscar on April 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Survey Says!…..”

  1. No one told me it was sun dress season ! I have to go shopping. No peppers or olives on my pie please.

  2. The Match Game was the GREATEST! Now I want to find GSN on my TV! I have always wondered how much nerves played a part in people’s answers. I’m sure I would bomb out on any game show, knowing I was on national television.

  3. Came here from Holly’s blog. I was on a game show once and had great fun. Yes, I came away with some loot as well!

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