Back to the Ol’ Grind…


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Wow the place is just busy as ever this morning! Looks like my crew did a great job while I was away.  Come on in and sit down!

Charlene is looking as lovely as ever. She has some real tasty Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches for us today. We’re gonna wash them down with Coors Light today.   This is for Weaselmomma, who I may be acknowledging late, did give up beer for lent.  I gave up chocolate.   LOL

Well I have to thank my dear friend Kim for posting for us here. She did a great job.  She writes a lot “pertier” than I do, and there was a “femi-nine” touch to it.  Now these hints about clothes and my favorite colors…   Hmmm….   And I’m not used to finding lingerie catalogs in my office.   But heck, maybe we could use more of that here…..   

Oh Jeeze…..

(Ok Willy,   I’ll stop)   Guess I’m taking a liking to Kim.

OOoooh  just A liking???

  (OK Willy – don’t you have customers!  LOL)

Well Florida was nice. Never long enough. You just get relaxed and then you’re packing to leave. Don’t you hate that?  Easter was nice with the family. We had a big dinner and had a nice day.  Spent some time and $ with the kiddies.  Visited a few “establishments” while I was there. Benchmarking I call it.  Always learn something new.

and texting Kimmy…..>smootchie smootchie<


Visited the beach a few times. Yes thats actually a picture of me sitting on the beach for all of you who have never seen me.  Charlene wanted me to send a picture from the beach.

Billy Bob says to Lester: “You know… I reckon I’m about ready for a vacation, only this year I’m gonna do it a little different. The last few years, I took your advice as to where to go. Two years ago you said to me to go to Hawaii. I went to Hawaii, and Marie got pregnant. Then last year, you told me to go to the Bahamas. I went to the Bahamas, and Marie got pregnant again.”
Lester says: “So what you gonna do different this year?”
Billy Bob says: “This year, I’m going to take Marie with me…”

Well it’s great to be back.  Yeah, it is. Always good to be back here at the Tavern. With my buddies and friends, and you too!

Charlene, we have any more of that Aloe in the fridge?



late entry – Check this out!  LOL


~ by Oscar on April 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Back to the Ol’ Grind…”

  1. Oscar – you should have worn your sunscreen. And I’m a little upset you didn’t take me with you and spend $ on me too 😦 UGH –

  2. Philly cheesesteaks are one of my favorite foods! YUM! Welcome back!

  3. Glad you had a good time! Nice picture. You have nice eyes! 😉

  4. I was going to whine about how much I long to go to Florida, with its warm, sandy beaches, but then I remembered that I did get to go to CA last summer. It could be worse; it could be January… Summer is right around the corner…

  5. Kim did a great job but it’s nice to have you back 🙂

  6. Welcome back! Thanks for the beer and I’ll take a cheesesteak -provolone wit’.

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