Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern! This is O’s friend, Kim. Oscar is busy soaking up some rays in Florida and asked me to fill in here while he’s gone. Hey, O! I wouldn’t have turned down an invite to go to Florida with you! (Hint, hint!) Maybe next time? I’d let you rub sunscreen on my back… Oh well… 
Charlene and I are having ourselves a time here. She’s great! I can see why O likes her so much. We never seem to run out of things to talk about and we have been laughing so much my stomach hurts! We were paging through the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Hey, it never hurts to have something special to wear for a special occassion, right? (I wonder what O’s favorite color is?) Vinnie just rolled his eyes at us and tried to act disinterested, but I saw him peeking out of the corner of his eye when he thought we weren’t looking. (I think we make him nervous! Too much female perspective for his comfort level is my guess.)
Anwyay, Charlene put together some chicken caesar wraps for today’s lunch special. They’re being served with some fresh fruit on the side. Don’t they look great?
Willie’s complaining. He wants to know where the fries are. He says this is rabbit food. I guess if he gets hungry enough, he’ll eat it, right? I think Willie misses Oscar. Charlene and I took pity on him and let him choose the drink special. St. Pauli Girl. Figures! I do like Willie. He pretends to be tough but he’s a big softie on the inside. Shhhh! Don’t tell him I’m on to him!


Oh! I have to run! Vinnie’s got my catalog out on the bar and there’s a group of male patrons forming a small crowd around him! I’ve gotta put that thing away before it gets crazy in here!


~ by Oscar on April 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Secrets”

  1. Love the outdoor signs. Very funny. Hope Oscar isn’t getting too wet down there. Heard they were getting a lot of rain in Florida….

  2. Sounds like things are running smoothely in Oscar’s absence, although it seems like someone would have preferred to go to Florida instead of taking care of things at the tavern! 😉

  3. No rain yet Mike! I’ll have to send a pic of my sunburnt head. LOL

    Girlie clothes Catalgs in my Tavern!!! Hmmmm. I hope Kimmy picked out something…nice… heh heh heh….

    Charlene – Pay the Bud man.

  4. Great billboards haha…love it!

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