Changing Cookies


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!   Sorry I have been away. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to post – The Guys here were as busy.  


 Well our lovely and talented Charlene, our Queen of the tavern has a great dish for you today!  Cheeseburger Club Sandwich!  When she told me I had never heard of it. When I saw it, Wow looks goo-oood!  And let’s continue with the Queens special by washing it down with a cool Budweiser, The King of Beers – and a shot of Jack Daniels for kicks.

Charlene and I were talking this morning about how this year will be it. Our year of change. No, not politics. Nothing to do with the economy. Mr. Obama can’t do anything for us.  It’s relationship stuff.  We have been talking for years about making the “move”, the change.  Getting involved in a relationship.  Oh yeah.  Each year we lick our wounds and say next year. I won’t go into her details as I don’t want to jinx her. But things are going well for her right now.  I have been “dating” in a way and am really enjoying the company of a certain woman.  I have a couple women I am fond of.  

So who knows.  Maybe this will be the year for Charlene and I.   We’ll see. What ya think Charlene?   “Thaaats right”.

We said this last year….

A lot of people are getting thier Girl Scout Cookies now.  I found this humorous email I sent to Jeannie after she described the Lemon Cookies to me…

  •  “ describing lemon cookies like never before” – NY Times
  •  “ heart stopping emotional roller coaster ride with a creamy center!” – Rolling Stone
  •  “ A sexy, yet titillating description of sweet citrusy delight! “ Clive Barnes
  •  “ 2 Cookie Boxes up!    Jeannie delivers in this lemony-snippet saga!” – Ebert and Roper
  •  “ I wet myself! “ – Oscar

  Ok,  You had to hear her describe my favorite Girl scout cookies. Those were called “Lemonades”.   I’m not A THIN MINT guy.  Whats your favorite?

Well have a great day!


” Heeeyy!”


~ by Oscar on March 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Changing Cookies”

  1. Heyyyyy… I love the lemon cookies. Here they are called Lemon Chalet (I think.) Regardless, they are GOOD! I should have ordered more.

  2. Now I am craving a Cheeseburger Club Sandwich!

  3. Oh Oscar you dog – you have a few women you are fond of – I think I’m jealous. My favorite cookie – Peanut Butter Sandwich cremes.

  4. I am a thin mint kinda gal! I think it’s a girl thing. I can’t think of a single guy I know who likes them. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s the ‘thin’ in the name.

    You’re “dating in a way”? Well whatever that means, I hope you’re happy. You deserve it!

  5. As they say, there is someone for everyone out there. You just have to keep looking. My favorite, Samoas…

  6. I never have heard of a cheeseburger club…thanks for teaching me something today. HA!

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