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How are you today?  Well it’s a Monday. back to the old grind as they say.  Not a whole lot going on today. Just the regular crowd shuffling in and out. Some new faces, but mostly our usual crowd.  I see Meleah is out and around, that’s good. She’s been a regular for a while now. She’s sitting right over there.

Todays Specials: Well i didn’t get to Charlene yet so why don’t we do Reuben Sandwiches and cole slaw. I’m sure she can fix ‘em up for us. I know we have the fixin’s in the fridge. And the drink of the day is Michelob Ultra!  Less carbs they say!

An uneventful weekend for me. Just hung around the Oscar residence. Came in here a couple times to see what’s shakin’.  Watched a couple of episodes of Law and Order last night. Didn’t watch the big Hollywood event at all.  Although I do like it’s name.  LOL   I just can’t get into all of the glitz around that stuff. Ok, I’m not a big movie buff. Saw maybe 2 movies at the theater this year. Can’t even remember what they were.  Guess they had a lot of impact huh?  My DVD collection is 5 movies. 3 are Christmas movies. Anyway, movies i watch are mostly via on – demand or on HBO or something.  I don’t go out of my way to watch any of them. I may start a movie and it will draw me in. I rented Hancock the other night because I like Will Smith and the trailer with hi tossing a rude kid into the sky made me laugh. It was ok. Not as fun as I thought it would be. As usual, the trailers usually show the best parts of the picture. So what’s left?  OK, some of you may be upset with me but if Heath Ledger didn’t die, he wouldn’t have been mentioned for an Oscar. Right?  There are lots of great characters in action films that get ignored because the usual boring standard actors like Meryl Streep are in a film. It’s a popularity contest judged by those who have no connection with the public.  Ok, off my rant. That’s why I don’t watch.

"Not all films did as well as Juno obviously. The films that were made about the Iraq war, let’s face it, did not do as well. But I’m telling you, if we stay the course and keep these movies in the theatres we can turn this around. I don’t care if it takes 100 years. Withdrawing the Iraq movies would only embolden the audience. We cannot let the audience win."   Jon Stewart –

“On the Oscars we’ll see a new Britney Spears Pepsi commercial. She’s a good spokesperson for them. They both have plastic jugs. Incidentally there’s one guy whose job is to polish the cleavages of actresses for the telecast. There’s a job my high school guidance counselor didn’t tell me about.” – Jay leno –

But Oscar is a nice name….. and I prefer a tan. Girls!  Really!

Have a great day!





~ by Oscar on February 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Oscar Who?”

  1. I loved Hancock, and I agree – Even though Heath was an excellent joker, he would have never received that nomination. I need a beer.

  2. Mmmmm… Reubens. Haven’t had one of those in a long time. I’ll take one! And an Ultra! Perfect meal!

    I don’t watch the Oscars either. They bore me. I’m not sure I saw any movies in the theater this past year. It’s more an issue of not being a fan of theaters. I like movies… when I can watch them in the comfort of my own home.

  3. Hancock is on my list of need to sees. Saw Heath the other night. Great job, but probably not Oscar worthy…

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