The usual, Oscar.

Welcome To Oscar’s Tavern!

Have you seen my danged glasses?  Who is this?  Wait a minute…

“Willy, lemme see your spec’s for a minute!”

OH!  Hi, How are you!  Welcome back!   I can’t seem to find my glasses. I can see ok, I’m far sighted.  Can’t see stuff real close. Lik ethis darned font.

Slow day today.  Just a few regulars in here. Courtney and GirlYouDontBringHomeToMomma were in. Trainwreck visited us yesterday. Today Conditionally Satisfactory  is here.  He just walked in mumbling about bills.  TerriTerri just walked in. 


Today s special is…  hell, I forgot to ask Charlene.  But I’m  sure it’s good. Plus we have the bar pies.  Today’s drink is Coors Light. We know who loves that!

Another windy day here in the North East.  Sunny with whispy clouds occasionally blocking the sun.  Like the lights are bright then dimmed by some fool at the switch. Blinking like a glow-worm.

 Analogies are funny. “She’s built like a brick $#ithouse”  So let me see, she’s solid, ok – square… does she have a half moon smile?  Ok, wolves can’t knock her  down, but everybody $#its on her.  What that mean?  (Sorry – I did cross the line with the language. But I can’t pronounce $#it. “Dollar pound it” ?  ) Ok you get the point.  One I heard a lot in Minneapolis was “Quicker than $#it through a goose”.   There’s a lot of funny ones.!  Do you have a  favorite?

It’s nice having regulars. It keeps the place interesting and makes it fun. So to all of our regular readers.. who I list in our blog roll.  Thanks!

Free drinks for all of you!

On Willy….    LOL        ” What?”       Nothing buddy!   I said “Fredrick’s calling you!”    “who“?

Where the heck are my glasses……..


~ by Oscar on February 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “The usual, Oscar.”

  1. Free beer! You’ll never get me out of here now.

  2. Oh, you’re in trouble now. Do you have any idea how obnoxious it’s going to get in here between WMomma and me and the free beer?

    And I have to disagree with the Minneapolis $#it phrase. I’ve never heard that one. Maybe I need to cross the river more often.

    You going to get karaoke in here? I like to sing karaoke when I’ve had a few beers…

  3. Do you have any lemonade to mix with that Coors Lite?

  4. I hate when I cant find my glasses! I walk around all squinting searching like a maniac.

  5. What does a Shit Brickhouse look like? I’ve never seen one. I’ll have to stop by again so you can show me.

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