Tasty Tuesday



Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

Hi everyone!  Come on in! Pull up a stool and enjoy a draft and some food!  We have a full staff today! The Queen of the Tavern, the lovely Charlene is here after her much needed time off!  She’s looking great as always. She’s got a real treat for us today. Hot Open face steak sandwiches with peppers and onions! And a side o’ fries!  Damn I’m hungry just saying it!   And lets wash it down with a draft beer. Today, domestics are a buck, Imports are 2 bucks. Huh? Where can you get a deal like that!   

So I decided to give Charlene a much needed vacation for no damned reason at all. She works hard here. She is truly the Queen of the Tavern. She does a lot of stuff behind the scenes here that give this place it’s class. So here’s top our pretty blond partner!    Cheers Sweetie!  (she’s giving me those, “you’re friggin’ nuts eyes…oooh!  LOL)   We couldn’t do all of this without ya! 

I decided to do the same after my Florida trip was cancelled. A family member got ill who was coming along. I couldn’t let her stay here alone so i sent the rest of the group and stayed here for support. So kept a low profile like Charlene. Did some soul searching, relaxing and other things I’ve been putting off.  I knew the crew here could handle the place. Kudos to Lisa and Willy. Thanks guys!  You take a week whenever you please!  (did i just hear the door slam?)  🙂

The juke box is working. I understand it was broken. Whatever. I’m listening to Warren Zevon’s “Excitable Boy” album on it.  Before the crowd comes in and selects others. A good collection of songs.  One of my favorites “Werewolves of London” is on it. That’s a fun song. Dig it out and listen again. Or come here, we’ll put it on!


St. Lucie man accused of stuffing Natural Ice beer down pants

FORT PIERCE — A man accused of stuffing a $2.01 Natural Ice beer in his pants Sunday at a truck stop was arrested after failing to pay for the frothy beverage, according to an arrest affidavit released Monday.

A manager and a maintenance employee at the Pilot truck stop Sunday afternoon reportedly watched Richard L. Basnight, 44, select a large Natural Ice beer from the cooler.

He put the beer in his pants and headed to shower 7, where he claimed to be bathing. The manager opened the shower door, and the manager and maintenance worker questioned Basnight about the beer.

Basnight, of the 3300 block of Southwest Hosanah Lane, ran but was tackled and the manager “recovered the beer from the inside of Basnight’s pants.”

Basnight was taken to jail on a retail theft charge.

A friend of the Tavern Heather from OneShot beyond occasionally takes photos of food and makes her readers salivate when the visit. Here’s my dsubmission for her.





My spaghetti and meat chunks.





Well ain’t THAT special!  Hey I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by everyday! 

Especially those on my Blog roll.   Visit their blogs as well.







~ by Oscar on February 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday”

  1. I’ll have the regular and keep ’em coming. Oh, and a side of fries.

  2. Werewolves of London is the ONLY Warren Zevon song I know. Since it’s one of your faves, Oscar, care to share how you feel about Kid Rock’s sampling of it in his recent song (Summertime?)

    Do you think the truck stop owner put that beer back out for sale after recovering it from a trucker’s pants? Eeew!

    Spaghetti and chunks. Now that’s not a very appetizing description! LOL!

    • Terri- Not a big Kid Rock fan, but he did a good job with it. Also the sweet home alabama sample. It was sausage patty chunks. I forgot to defrost it! LOL I’ll save some for you if you’re ever in town!
      Weaselmomma – I better order another couple kegs of coors light!
      OSBP- Sausage patties. LOL Hey – I’m not a bad cook! Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. okay…what are those meat chunks made out of? I love how the sauce is slathered all over the meat as well as the noodles. Such a yummy meal and it’s not the typical guy’s “BBQ’d Dinner”! {applause}

  4. Warren is the MAN. It’s great you get some time before the customers show up to hear your favorites…

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