Target Practice


Welcome to Oscar’s Tavern!

How are you today?  yaaahhhhaaawwwnnnnnnn!   Ooh, sorry, I was up late last night. I had some company…   🙂    

Well our cute lil chef Charlene has a belly warmer for ya today!  Hot Open Faced Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes with warm brown gravy…   MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM  MM !  Lets rinse that down with a nice Merlot today.  Or perhaps a beer for you Mid-Westerners.

Well Courtney was in the tavern yesterday. She’s a nice girl. We chatted a bit. She was talking about wine that can be bought at Target.  Well in these parts, you can’t buy wine or beer in department stores, or any other stores except liquor stores.  You can buy warm beer in some food markets. But if you’re looking for a six pack on a Sunday night, well you’re out of luck. Best stock up. Or, heh heh, we’re open till at least 1 every night.  Or we’re supposed to be. But if there’s no one after midnight. We shut ‘er down. What are the rules where you live?

Well there isn’t as much hype as usual for the big game this weekend.  Funny how territorial it can be. I’m sure they’re whooping it up in Arizona and Pittsburg.  Should be an interesting game.  We’re gonna show it on all screens. Maybe we can have Charlene and Lisa wear cheerleader outfits. 

(What, no? but… No I can’t wear…  guys don’t…  ok.. yeah,   oh yes you’re right….   ur the boss.)


So, we’re gonna have lots of um, finger food ( I can’t spell hor’s d’oeuvres) (I know I have a PC…  I’ll google it…  )   um.. hor’s d’oeuvres (yes there’s an “e” in it… I don’t know its French LOL  oui oui.  yeah poo pooh!  LOL  Hey stop that you’ll get wine all over me!!!    LOL  will you stop!!!)


Here’s todays funny stuff:                              (you’re wasting wine…(splash) LOL STOP!!!)

So do you think the swiffer is a good device to clean up messy floors, barstools and glass?   And can you recommend a good stain remover for…WINE  ….

(STOP!!!!!   it!    why you…..  LOL   hey!     c’mon!!!)




Sorry.   We get a little crazy here when its slow.  

Have a great day!



~ by Oscar on January 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Target Practice”

  1. Unlike PA, where I grew up, here you can by booze anywhere! Chicago is my kind of town. Sunday’s you can’t by it until after 1pm or something like that, but all the grocery stores sell cold beer and liquor. I’ll stick with beer and skip today’s food offering (I’m a freak like that) unless there is leftover perogi or kielbasa.

  2. Hey that’s me! You’ll just have to come to NY where you can buy wine and beer just about anywhere…and they’re talking about making it ever more easily availble.

    PS: if you can get Target’s Boxed Merlot or Pino Grigio…its a good find.

  3. You should have seen the look on my face when I moved to
    Georgia and was told my the lady at the Piggly Wiggly I couldn’t buy beer on Sunday. I honestly don’t like God would mind me having a Bud on a Sunday.

  4. It’s been so long since I’ve been in a bar past 9pm that I have no idea what time they close anymore….pretty sad 🙂

  5. It helps to say it like, “horses doovers.” Then you’ll remember how to spell it. Maybe that’s just me. Being weird.

    Our grocery stores sell “3.2” beer. I’m not sure what 3-2 beer means, just that it’s not as good as real beer. And you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays either. That reminds me of a story about how my neighbors are sometimes too comfy with our friendship and how one helped herself to the beer in my fridge one Sunday while we were gone. I might have to post this…

  6. Thank God I live in a place where they’ll sell me beer (or wine) at anytime of the day or night. Not that I get a craving for Bud at 3:00 in the morning, but still….

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